Washington the Warrior

How many people really know George Washington? Well–aside from historians. How many of you know Washington really? “Washington the Warrior” discusses the early career of Washington from his treks as a soldier, his rise to power and inevitable political decisions that would affect his country from poor choices right down to country changing events.

“Washington the Warrior” is a documentary in the spirit of the Memorial Day holiday which explores much of the inner workings of Washington’s life in two hours, and interviews well noted historians while dramatizing much of Washington’s important battles during the war. Most importantly though, “Washing the Warrior” is a documentary angled in depicting Washington as a trailblazer who dared to question the administration he was working for—particularly the British colony whom he felt were bullies, especially towards America.

His speaking out against them, risking his career, and speaking the people not as a politician, but as a soldier who’d had enough, helped him earn his place in history. “Washington” is a beautifully shot and fascinating biographical chronicle of the first president of America, and with gorgeous direction by Robert M. Wise, this Memorial Day documentary will grab even those not interested in this important figure.
Premieres May 29th on the History Channel!