Extreme Ops (2002)

extremeopsThis is not regular ops, this is not plain ops, no this is Extreme Ops, what are Extreme Ops? Who knows, and we never really find out, but in this film we meet a group of extreme risk takers and extreme stuntmen, not sports stars but more rebellious young men and women who will take any risk. They’re gathered by an extreme commercial director to record an extreme DV camera commercial, but when they arrive on the mountain to record some sequences, they’re accidentally neighbored with a group of terrorists that think the group of extreme boarders, skiers and risk takers are really CIA agents out to stop their operation. Not very smart terrorists considering they’d probably be aware by now who is or isn’t a government official.

Now the group must use their abilities to stop the dastardly fiends’ plans. Will it be an extreme plot? You bet your sweet tootie! Will they handle the situation in an extreme way? Is there any other way? And they have Bridgette Wilson on their side, baby! Why would terrorists take base at the top of a mountain? What are their plans? Plot holes aside, this doesn’t give what it promises, and that’s the least of its faults. The group of risk takers here don’t fight crime, and they don’t band together to fight the terrorists, they just kind of dodge the terrorists throughout the film using various facets of predictable methods including a missile launcher (originally used to start an avalanche for their commercial that you just know will be used later on in the film). We know the missile launcher is going to be used much later on in the film, but then what do you expect with such a cheesy film worthy of being shown only in sports stores as promotional material?

It all just pans out like a long episode of “Power Rangers” minus the costumes with so many predictable plot twists. The group is led by the cardboard Rufus Sewell who apparently just takes whatever job he can, these days. There’s not really a lot of explanation about the purpose of his character. Then there’s Devon Sawa who doesn’t perform a lot of the stunts but still carries around a camera filming the stunts, and sports a really bad head of dreadlocks. There’s the ho hum cast of diverse characters like the goth, the loose cannon, the tight-ass who the group doesn’t like, and there’s just no character depth at all. They become more like walking character concepts throughout the film rather than actual people with personalities, and when they all basically have the same attitude, it becomes hard to remember names.

Then there are the villains, terrorists, German terrorists, and German terrorists with often inconsistent accents that parade around with five o’clock shadows. It’s a tired act that was boring decades ago, but they try to sell it with a lead villain who is such a laughably bad actor. At certain points, you can almost see the actors having a hard time delivering their dialogue and one-liners, because the script is just so god awful. We wade through stunt after stunt with the usual bland photography, theme music and hollow action set pieces. With zero character emphasis, a terrible plot, large plot holes, and horrific script, “Extreme Ops” is about as extremely bad as it possibly can be.