Cube²: Hypercube (2002)

cube2Taking off from the original fan fave, we meet eight people who wake up in a giant cube full of deadly puzzles, obstacles, and rooms that never end. Do they make it out alive? Do they ever make it out? I did not like the first one, so I was curious to see if the second one would be better, and this is basically the same deal. We have a bunch of people, each with unique characters, figuring their way through the constant white rooms and puzzles.

The set is basically the same but has more unique features and technological advances. The room is its own character like the first one and constantly has these unique traps, my favorite being the slicing and dicing flying cube. The only true original thing about this movie is that in the end it explains what the cube is with a surprise ending, as where the original didn’t. The characters are, as always, different yet the same as from the first. We have the optimistic heroic female lead, the psychotic maniac, the feeble minded person, the young girl, the disabled person, and the young man.

All of whom are interacting and coping with one another and each about as interesting as lint. Each actors act with a lot of over the top expressions and mannerisms and the lead character is very uninteresting. I never cared about these people, and in this stale environment, it made it a lot harder to care. The cube is not that different and has no truly scary or intimidating traps. Not exciting enough to make me love this, but interesting enough to keep me watching. This is the same deal as the original with briefly distinct changes in its plot.