8 Mile (2002)

The entire movie reminds me alot of “Flashdance” which isn’t a new notion brought about, but I thought I would just bring it to your attention. The entire landscape for the film closely resembles a lot of people who live in the inner-city. This features an all-star cast with Mikhei Pfeiffer as the club DJ and Rabbit’s friend. We also have Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger. The movie features a lot of good performance especially from Mikhei Pfeiffer who acts as the guardian of the often ostracized Rabbit. He helps him out a lot throughout the movie and gave off great chemistry with Eminem. Eminem gives a good performance in the movie which was a big concern to most fans of the artist.

He proves he can rap and act in this movie as the impish yet fiercely tough Rabbit. The scenes that stood out the most are the scenes with his little sister who he is very attached to and loves. Eminem gives off great charm and excellent brutality as Rabbit radiating off-screen and stealing the show as he often does in his live performances. The movie does tend to suffer from a lot of faults. Most notably the vast plot predictability. I was able to guess what would happen to most of the characters most of the time and come through perfectly. The movie’s plot is not all that original as well with lots of scenes that tend to drag the movie into the ground without fault to Eminem.

More faults include the fact that some of the supporting characters in the movie tend to become useless and very unnecessary at times. We have Brittney Murphy who plays the love interest yet is never truly focused on so we get no depth into her character. Kim Basinger, believe it or not, it terrible in this movie as the stereotypical boozing mother who speaks with a terrible Texas type of accent which is weird because they live in Detroit. Her character is so dull and disgusting that she tends to make the movie seem dull. This is a decent flick. Hardcore Eminem fans will love this movie because it is loosely based on his life, however this will not translate well to general audiences. Check it out.