Ginger Snaps (2000)


Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and Ginger (the gorgeous Katharine Isabelle) play two Goth sister outcasts in high school whom are obsessed with death and the morbid. One night while walking in the woods, Ginger is mauled by a large beast and is nearly killed, but when the beast is killed shortly after the mauling and Ginger heals, she begins to reveal some Lycanthropic traits in her behavior and body.

Soon Brigitte begins to notice and the twosome get involved in a tangled web of lies, mayhem and murder as Brigitte scrambles to hide her sister’s violent behavior from the oblivious town while Ginger goes on a rampage killing dogs and eating perverted high school jocks. Now, I wasn’t too sure about this movie. One day I happen to decide to watch it and was pleasantly surprised. I found this to be in the mood of “Scream” and I haven’t seen a movie like this in years. I love how traditional this was in the fact that it has great character depth and an excellent plot line.

Not to mention the fact that watching the hot Katharine Isabelle turn into a she-beast wasn’t too much of a task. Each character is great and quirky with their witty dialogue and obviously moronic nature. If you’re a movie lover and want to see a good old-fashioned werewolf movie, check this out; it’s a pleaser. A very good movie with a great plot line and excellent characters; not to mention a laugh here and there. This is a great party movie and just a great way to kill two hours. If you don’t like this then watch the other movies on the side there. Stop complaining.