Logan (2017)

Logan, the public’s beloved Wolverine, has aged and isn’t doing so great.  As he holds onto life for some reason and is looking for a reason to be.  His later life is not filled with action, something he seems to have settled into.  That is until a woman comes asking for his help and a chain of events leads to him having to help a young girl in desperate need of guidance and assistance.

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Logan (2017)

Loganis a terrible X-Men movie, but a very good Wolverine movie. I say that because director James Mangold holds about as much contempt for X-Men and its concept as Bryan Singer does. Mangold offers a vision of the team that is none too flattering. Set in an undetermined timeline of the movie series, we’re met with Logan in the distant future where he’s one of the only surviving mutants left on Earth. The dream has died, Professor X is now suffering from a brain disease that has turned him in to a burden, and everything the X-Men strived for has been forgotten and passed off as a joke. Now faced with nothing but a dark ending, he is confronted by a Hispanic woman who pays him to help her. Logan, at the behest of Charles Xavier, is tasked with caring for a small girl named Laura who is much more like Logan than even Charles Xavier realizes.

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Epic History X-Men, Volume 3: The Dark Phoenix Saga

EpicHistory1There’s no bigger an X-Men fan online than Comic Book Girl 19. The web personality has made her claim to fame from online personality to bonafide geek goddess by providing insightful, lucid, and very controversial opinions about comic books and pop culture in general. Among some of the biggest pop culture dynasties, Comic Book Girl 19 is one of the most passionate X-Men fans around. Like me, she hates the movies, but loves the X-Men comics and longs for a day when we can finally see them adapted properly on the big screen. “Epic History X-Men” has nothing to do with the movies, and is in fact about a certain stream of storylines and character arcs involving the X-Men.

Comic Book Girl 19 and director Tyson Wheeler have their cut off point, and end episode three of three with the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” The massive science fiction arc was penned by Chris Claremont and is one of the most complex, complicated, and unusual storylines ever put to the comics. And Bryan Singer actually is going to try to simplify it for one or two films. That aside, “Epic History X-Men” is a fantastic and very entertaining documentary where Comic Book Girl 19 and her sidekick Robot lay out the events of “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and explain the storyline’s nuances and emotional strong points as thoroughly as possible.

Though the series as a whole could just being Comic Book Girl 19 sitting in a chair and laying out every point of the storyline, she and director Tyson Wheeler switch up the monotony by adding splashes of panels from the comic books. They also animated a lot of the panels, and even add their own voice overs and great sound effects, all of which really add a flavor and excitement to an already enthusiastic host. Comic Book Girl 19 loves the X-Men, and she seems to have a ball describing every storyline, from Jean Grey returning as the Phoenix, the big rumble with the X-Men and an erotic mutant organization called the Hellfire Club, Wolverine taking down a whole army of guards single handedly, to Jean’s eventual transformation in to the dark side as the Dark Phoenix which ultimately split the team apart.

Comic Book Girl 19 even takes the time out to introduce her favorite X-Men: Dazzler. Dazzler is a light controlling mutant that Comic Book Girl 19 has fought for, defended, and consistently taken scrutiny for favoring over everyone else in the comics, but makes a darn good case for the character’s significance to the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” What’s punctuated through most of Volume 3 is that the “X-Men” isn’t just a series about young people going on adventures. It’s a long and very unique consistent epic about people with extraordinary powers from various ethnicities and nationalities fighting for humanity, and learning that they themselves are human, in the end.

Though considerably low budget, “Epic History” volumes 1-3 garners some bang up production with excellent voice work. They’re undoubtedly very exciting, entertaining, and heartfelt glimpses in to only some of the most important storylines in one of the most unique and original characters in comic book lore. Comic Book Girl 19 treats the material with great reverence and will likely leave you seeking out the books and appreciating the characters so much more. Suffice it to say I had more fun with the third chapter than I did with “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

“Epic History X-Men Volume 3: The Dark Phoenix Saga” is now available on Vimeo On Demand.


Five Questions I Have After X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men-ApocalypseIf you pressed me about “X-Men Apocalypse” and asked what I thought of it, when pushed in to a corner as an X-Men fan, I’d reply with: Meh. It’s not “Batman v Superman” murky, and awful, but it’s by no means going to dethrone “Civil War” as the superhero showdown of the year. Bryan Singer is terrible, the X-Men Movies still haven’t given us a great iteration these characters deserve, and for some reason Professor X and Magneto are still given the most screen time and importance over everyone else.

That said while “Apocalypse” wasn’t a waste of time, it also opened the door for huge questions that never went answered. Here are five pressing questions I’d love for someone to answer to me. Do NOT keep reading if you’ve yet to see “X-Men Apocalypse.”

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X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

xmenapocalypseAt the end of the day, “X-Men Apocalypse” is a big step up from the films in the series that preceded it, but it’s still just a Bryan Singer “X-Men” movie. Its two and a half hours of surface level action and superficial ideas that still haven’t broken in to the more complex themes of prejudice, racism, hatred, and bigotry that have made the X-Men property so beloved and widely embraced. Six movies later and only now FOX seems to be getting that a big advantage of the “X-Men” movies is that there are so many fascinating heroes and average people turned in to heroes of varied shapes, sizes, and colors. Only now that Marvel has embraced the team movie are Singer and FOX transforming the “X-Men” in to a team franchise.

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Geek Mutiny: Daze of Future’s Past

In episode four of “Geek Mutiny,” Felix and Brian discuss Ecto Cooler, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Foods we want back, The Best and Worst Video Game movies, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies, and their own history with the X-Men! Brian also displays an affection for a particular duck named Howard.

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Deadpool (2016)


Superhero movie fatigue, my balls.

“Deadpool” is proof positive that the comic book movie is alive and well and prone to various iterations of the comic book movie mold beyond capes, tights, and bat ears. “Deadpool” is one of the most anti of anti-heroes ever conceived. He’s a man who works for any side that’s appealing to him, and you can never quite pin down whether he should be a friend or foe. Wilson like Marvel comrades The Punisher and Iron Man are never villainous, but also not the clean cut superheroes we’d expect. In the end, Wilson is about self gratification, even though he tells himself that his intentions are pure. He’s a man who loves being vile and obnoxious. Even Wade Wilson during the opening of “Deadpool” explicitly states that he is by no means a hero, and we’re given extensive insight in to how he lived his life before he became the “merc with the mouth.”

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5 “X-Men” Properties More Deserving of Spin-Offs than Wolverine, Magneto, and Gambit


FOX is looking for anyway they can to continue the X-Men property going and not lose it to Marvel. Hopefully someday it can revert back to Marvel and we can get a fun X-Men movie series based on the entire team, but hope springs eternal. In either case, they’ve discussed giving spin offs to Magneto and Gambit, and are also going to continue the Wolverine solo movie series. Considering Wolverine is basically the center of the X-Men movies, he technically has six movies under his belt, already. Magneto also had a movie centered on him, which was called “First Class,” the movie originally penned to be the Magneto origin movie later altered in to an X-Men prequel, so the plans for his spin off feel incredibly redundant.

Gambit has potential, but who knows if they’ll actually go with his thievery background in New Orleans, and just give him a generic adventure through America (with cameos from other X-Men)? From a humongous roster of X-Men characters and spin offs, FOX is short sighted in giving spin offs to the two most prominent characters in the X-Men movie series, and we decided to list five X-Men properties much more deserving of spin offs and prequels than the three most over exposed characters of the Marvel series.

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