A Selection of the Shorts from Stranger With My Face 2017 [Stranger With My Face International Film Festival 2017]

Stanger With My Face International Film Festival is a festival that concentrates on female-make film, with a definite penchant to horror and life explorations.  Each edition brings current films and issues as well as older films and a bunch of shorts to their audience while also pushing them to think about some of the issues women face in life as well as in moviemaking.

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An Interview with Heather Buckley [WiHM 2017]

Heather Buckley is a behind-the-scenes lady and a writer for multiple publications and websites.  She has supervised effects on films such as We Are Still Here, played a monstrous mother in the SyFy original movie Dead Still, produced special features for discs such as the newest releases of The Thing, Exorcist III, Return of the Living Dead, and many more.  She has written for Fangoria, Dread Central, Scream magazine, Diabolique, Vulture, and a slew of others.

You can hear her on podcasts such as The Bonus Material Podcast and the Mass Hypnosis Podcast.  She’s basically a horror super woman and a total badass.

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An Interview with Staci Layne Wilson [WiHM 2017]

Staci Layne Wilson is well known for her film reviews, interviews (on camera and in writing), her writing, and now producing and directing.  Her interests are varied, but she clearly has a preference for horror as seen in her films such as the trippy triptych The Key to Annabel Lee, the sexy Fetish Factory, etc.  Her knowledge of the genre and Hollywood’s inner workings is wide and she uses it well in her creations.

Her trivia on IMDB is rather telling: “Has worn Freddy Krueger’s hero claw, George Romero’s glasses, and the original Hannibal Lecter mask.”

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An Interview with Tara Price [WiHM 2017]

Tara Price hails from New England and has her toes in a few different waters.  She acts, produces, writes, and directs.  For her directorial debut, Earworm, she dips in comedy and horror.  She also wrote the horror short Another Grace and Johnny Adventure: Zombie Island in which she stars as Grace.

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My Ten Favorite Modern Horror Actresses, Part One [WiHM 2017]

It’s February at last, and February marks “Women in Horror Month,” a twenty eight day celebration of women’s contributions to horror in all forms and mediums. From directing, writing, acting, graphic art, modeling, etc. The month represents the impact women have made in the horror world. In honor of the month, I thought I’d list ten of my favorite modern horror actresses that are currently making waves in horror film and horror television. This list pays tribute to ten talented, savvy, charismatic, and beautiful actresses that have chilled, riveted, and made an impact in the genre.

Let Me Know Some of Your favorite modern horror actresses in the comments.

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