Mr. Omar (2018-19)

If you are on the lookout for something very different and highly invigorating, then check out this five-part horror web series created by the Upstate New York-based actor-writer-filmmaker-singer-composer Frank Palangi. This gem has been flying under the radar on YouTube and it needs to be front and center in everyone’s view.
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Halo: The Complete Video Collection [Blu-Ray]

Shout! Factory once again comes forward with a nifty collection for fans of action, science fiction, and Halo, comprising four of the web series from the mid-aughts that chronicled the “Halo” game universe. With a tight package and a slew of great extras and bells and whistles for the fans, this video collection is strictly for the die hard Halo fanatics that want to see more of this world, and learn so much more about the Spartans and war that’s ensuing.

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Help Fight for the Right to Fair Use

If you’re an independent artist, aspiring web celebrity, hoping to start a web show, or want to just talk about movies and want to seek your career through youtube, this video requires your immediate attention. Fair Use is under attack, and studios are attacking free speech as you read this.

If this hasn’t affected you yet, it will soon.

“Drained World” Pilot


The apocalypse is the big order for the day, and there’s no sign of entertainment in that sub-genre dying down any time soon. Even Web Series are approaching the sub-genre, and the newest is “Drained World.” Normally I’m rough on web series and demand unique content, and “Drained World” seems to fit my needs so far. The twelve minute pilot is filled with a lot of questions and some healthy ambiguity that I hope gets settled with more episodes in the future.

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Five Great “Angry Video Game Nerd” Episodes to Watch Before the Movie


I originally discovered The Angry Video Game Nerd over at Screw Attack, where his episodes grew in popularity from his creation in 2006 almost over night. As a loyal fan, “The Angry Video Game Nerd” has offered some of the funniest and most clever reviews of some of the worst video games ever created, and with creator James Rolfe’s love for film, and film making, the episodes are a pop culture fan’s dream. Here are five great episodes from the Nerd you should watch before the movie.

Links included in the titles.

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Rifftrax: Cool as Ice (1991)

Full Disclosure: A screener for “Rifftrax: Cool as Ice” was sent to us legally for review purposes.

Mocking “Cool as Ice” is a Herculean task even for the guys at Rifftrax. The movie is such a straight faced movie filled with inexplicable montages and horrific writing, not to mention star Vanilla Ice is such an empty void, it’s a challenge to ridicule him when the occasion calls for it. “Cool as Ice” is still as awful as ever, and while the episode from the Riff Trax gang isn’t their best, it’s still filled with a ton of one liners that will inspire raucous laughter.

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The Guild: Complete Megaset (DVD)


It’s surprising how much “The Big Bang Theory” owes a debt to Felicia Day’s web series “The Guild.” Both series are about a small group of flawed but likable individuals who hide in their fandom, and confront life through the lens of video games, science fiction, and pop culture. And one of their main rivals is a character played by Wil Wheaton. That said, “The Guild” really managed to expose actress and all around adorable geek goddess Felicia Day to the online masses, paving her as a self made comedic performer who felt unpolished, but never amateurish. Day’s character Codex is surely a flawed girl with neuroses that stifle her from achieving true happiness, but we root for her because Felicia Day knows how to write the character with empathy.

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The Walking Dead: The Oath [Web Series]


 It’s a small world, after all! Set immediately after a zombie siege on a survivor camp, Karina and Paul flee from a horde of the undead. In a scenario similar to the episode “Wildfire” Karina and Paul decide to escape the clutches of the dead. Little does Karina know that her only surviving companion Paul is bleeding to death from a mortal wound during combat. Ashley Bell and Wyatt Russell give solid and compelling performances as the pair of survivors sticking to their own oaths that could guarantee them survival. They both want something different and have varying outlooks on the new world ahead of them. Karina is hopeless and lingering on the edge of insanity, especially when she discovers Paul is bleeding badly.

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