Classic TV on DVD –The Hee Haw Collection (3 Disc Edition) & The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics


Banking on the redneck obsession of the 1970’s, “Hee Haw” is that classic blue collared comedy sketch show that lives on mainly through late night television and syndication in country oriented cable television. My knowledge of “Hee Haw” is comprised mainly of sketches and segments I remember from showings on late night network television when I was but a small child. It’s gained a somewhat resurgence now thanks to the endless callbacks by Seth McFarlane on “Family Guy.”

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Classic TV on DVD – The Carol Burnett Show: Treasures from the Vault, The Lost Episodes & The Carol Burnett Show: Together Again


For fans that don’t want to pay incredible amounts of money for the complete editions of “The Carol Burnett Show,” but still want to savor in a complete episode of the hit comedy series, DVD’s like “Together Again” exist for you and you alone. Though it’s a little tough to tell what kind of episodes are on these DVD releases and what they feature, these editions are fine snippets of what you’d get if you forked over money for complete season sets. For a primer course, “Together Again” isn’t too shabby for your collection.

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