Carmine Capobianco (1958 – 2021)

Carmine Capobianco, the underground film actor who starred in the memorable flicks “Psychos in Love,” “Galactic Gigolo” and “The Land of College Prophets,” passed away on January 9 at the age of 62 following a long fight against cancer.

Carmine was Phil Hall’s guest on this episode of “The Online Movie Show,” where he discussed his colorful career.


The Bootleg Files: The Divine Mr. J

BOOTLEG FILES 749: “The Divine Mr. J” (1971 religious satire starring Bette Midler as the Virgin Mary).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube.

On a VHS label in 1984.

REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: Legal threats by Bette Midler have kept this out of circulation.


In May 1974, newspapers in New York City began to carry advertisements for a film opening at the Festival Theater called “The Divine Mr. J.” The advertisements alerted moviegoers this was the film debut of Bette Midler, who achieved her career breakthrough two years earlier with the album “The Divine Miss M,” and the caricature of Midler used on her eponymous second album was the featured image of the film’s promotion.
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Michael Legge: Ghoul’s Night Out

Underground film icon Michael Legge is celebrated for his distinctive horror-comedy films that mix the macabre with wonderfully droll silliness. On this episode on “The Online Movie Show,” the Massachusetts-baed creator of such brilliantly batty films as “Working Stiffs,” “Honey Glaze,” “Brain Drainer,” “My Mouth Lies Screaming” and “Monochromia” – as well as his foray into serious horror, “Evan Straw” – discusses his remarkable career and previews his upcoming film “Crawlers.”

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Carmine Capobianco: Underground Film Icon

Carmine Capiobianco is the beloved star of such below-the-radar/over-the-top classics as “Psychos in Love,” “Galactic Gigolo,” “Land of College Prophets,” “Bikini Bloodbath” and “The Sins of Dracula.” Most recently, he starred in Debbie Rochon’s “Model Hunger” and the documentary “VHS Massacre.” On today’s show, Carmine discusses his illustrious career in underground cinema with host Phil Hall.

“The Online Movie Show” is produced at the Platinum Wolfe Studios.

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Out of the Woods (2016)

The new film from underground film icon Antero Alli offers a challenging consideration of identity.  It is a provocative endeavor that mixes mysticism with sharp satire and rueful emotional drama, and the result is a profound statement on how we see ourselves and how we want to be perceived by others.

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