5 Reasons Why “Twilight Zone: The Movie” is Underrated

“Twilight Zone: The Movie” is one of my childhood favorite movies, it’s a pretty all star tribute to one of my all time favorite television series. While it’s by no means a masterpiece, it’s also never been as bad as many people have proclaimed it. It has genuine heart, some wonderful production quality and a great sense of humor to it. Re-watching it years later, it’s still very heavily flawed, but damnit, it’s also a strong anthology horror film that’s inconsistent in tone, but also embraces the weird and wonderful of the original show. Despite the horrendous legacy involving the on set deaths, the movie is worth checking out, and sets the stage for the solid eighties reboot.

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Alan Sues: A Funny Man

In 1968, Alan Sues became a household name thanks to his wacky persona on the TV hit “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.” But he was hardly an overnight success – he enjoyed a long career on Broadway, in flims, in nightclubs and on television (including a classic “Twilight Zone” episode) before “Laugh-In” came around. On today’s show, our guest is Michael Michaud, author of the new biography “Alan Sues: A Funny Man.” If you recall the “Laugh-In” cut-up or you are just discovering his zany humor, you’ll love this episode.

The episode can be heard here.