The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Cherokee Rose


This is the episode where Rick begins his transformation from law man to post apocalyptic warrior. Shane has been intimating for a while now that things are just different and there’s no method to the madness anymore. People will die, people will be killed and people have to be sacrificed. Maybe Otis needed to be sacrificed, or maybe not. Shane definitely felt it was worth sacrificing Otis to get to Carl. Would Shane and he have made it out of the school if Shane didn’t kill Otis and leave him behind? Who knows? I’m not saying what he did was justified; it’s just the law of the new land.

When Rick completely stores his sheriff’s uniform and badge in to a drawer, it’s the hint that this is no longer a man following a code. He’s no longer living by normal rational guidelines that we all once lived by.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: Save the Last One


I call this episode the “Breaking Dead” episode. It starts out much like “Breaking Bad” where massive events have happened, and we have to catch up. That’s not a bad thing, I just like that the episode practices the aforementioned show’s methods, and it does it well. We see Shane, we see him with a shaved head, and we know some heinous shit has gone down.

I say this again, though, Chandler Riggs really is at his top in this episode. Riggs, Bernthal, and Melissa McBride own this season without a doubt. Their performances vary wildly, but they take command of every episode they’re allowed to have a spotlight in. I really wanted to see more of Carl’s plight, and I was terrified for him from the moment he was shot.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: Bloodletting


It’s funny to watch T-Dog’s fever soaked rant about being the only black man in a group of Southerners and how little he’s contributing because the writers seem to be going somewhere with this. Mid-way when the changing of the guard drastically transforms the second half of season two, there seems to be a hint at something going on with T-Dog.

We just don’t know what, yet. We know that T Dog is kind of an outcast, and definitely the only African American in the group. So what was going on here?

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6: TS-19


When I first saw the previews to this episode, I was kind of at a loss. I didn’t know if I was angry or excited, but one thing was for sure: the producers ensured audiences that this series would only take what it needed from the comics and carve its own path. If at any point the show lost a portion of their audience, this episode would be the one that pulled them out.

It’s still a controversial episode, even with the producers jumping back in to the comics in recent episodes. “TS-19” is not a bad episode it’s just not a very necessary one. It’s both a season and series finale that leaves the characters on the road to an uncertain path; just in case AMC didn’t pull in enough ratings to justify a second season, or simply couldn’t afford another season.

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5: Wildfire

One thing I love about “Wildfire” is there’s just so much exhaustion and emotional stress, coupled with the heat that you can just feel the characters are on the verge of cracking. It’s bad enough no one has had time to sleep, but now they’ve lost the Atlanta camp after the vicious zombie raid in “Vatos.” You can sense that all real logic and common sense has been depleted in a hail of shock, as the general mind set is summed up through Andrea and her refusal to leave the body of her sister Amy.

While his methods aren’t the most likable, Daryl Dixon is the only person in the group who seems to be working with some sense of reality on his side. Despite losing Merle, he understands that the bodies of Amy, and their fallen friends could jump start another walker uprising destroying the rest of the survivors. “Wildfire” is a lot of the characters walking around and processing the events of the night before, with occasional moments of real compelling drama.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1: No Sanctuary

nosanctuary1One of the things that worried me about the return of “The Walking Dead” was if they’d be able to maintain the momentum from season four. Lo and behold, not only does the series completely hit the ground running, but the events are still charging ahead of us before we can register it all. In this world you don’t really have time to grieve, mourn, or plan, so the writers are successful in that respect. Most importantly, Rick is still Rick Grimes, a bonafide warrior, who knows what he has to do, the people he has to kill, and his primary objective in this entire scenario. After season four’s second half, we finally got to see behind the cloak of Terminus and what they all fought for, and, as usual, it’s much too good to be true.

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-ray/Digital]


Season four of “The Walking Dead” is a big leap forward for the series, in where it re-captures a lot of the dread and urgency of season one, while also rebooting the narrative once more. After the big war in season three where the group managed to beat an army by cunning and sheer luck, Rick and his surviving group from Hershel’s farm, along with the remnants of Woodbury, have now settled down in the prison, and have built a respectable society for themselves. Rick is now committed to farming alongside Hershel as his apprentice, while he’s also focused most of the time on giving Carl a childhood, however twisted it may be. The series has a good time with misdirection, and begins the season premiere with Rick outside the prison farming and listening to music, drowning outside noise. As he turns to look back at the prison, we cut to a wide scene of the walking dead clutching the gates in droves only inches from Rick. Try as the survivors might to pretend otherwise, the world is still for the dead.

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The Top Ten Most Shocking Moments of “The Walking Dead” Season Four


Another season of “The Walking Dead” has come and gone. Massive headlines, massive ratings, and the phenomenon keeps chugging along. With season four split in to three very brutal and effective story arcs, we break down the fourth year of the series, and explore ten of our most shocking moments of “The Walking Dead,” season four.

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