Five Ways to Fix “Fear the Walking Dead”

fear-twdI’ve given “Fear the Walking Dead” two seasons already and it’s failed to really impress me. It shifts locations constantly, doesn’t seem to garner one interesting character of the bunch, and there are so many sub-plots that are set up only to be left dangling at the end of the season. While most people are saying the show resolves a lot of the sub-plots, I still am asking a bunch of questions after the finale. Also, I’m still trying to figure out why the series builds up these huge storylines only for them to sputter out and run out of gas so suddenly? So Daniel really is dead or what? Why did Ofelia leave the hotel and go out on her own, again? Why didn’t she at least leave a note for Alicia? Was she trying to look for her father? So can Nick talk to walkers or was he hallucinating? Why did Madison and Alicia fight for the hotel and work so hard to clean it out as a refuge only for them to give it up at the drop of a hat?

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

TWD-S6This is it, this is the year we finally meet Negan, and it is a thing of beauty. Season Six is where the series “The Walking Dead” is taken to a whole other level, rebooting itself yet again. No longer is this a series about a bunch of survivors looking for a new home. They’ve found their home. Now they realize they have to fight tooth and nail to protect it. And they have to protect it from a trio of humongous menaces which include a massive horde of the walking dead that threaten to destroy the town Alexandria, a cult of terrorists known as “The Wolves” that raid Alexandria at its weakest, and of course, the Saviors, a group of raiders and nomads that want everything that Alexandria and Rick Grimes have worked for and accomplished. Season six promises us a glimpse in to a larger world, and lo and behold we get it. The series expands in to a much larger set piece and introduces many more characters, a lot of whom have been established fan favorites in the comics.

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The Walking Dead: Alien

twdalien1This is the story of Jeff, a visitor to Barcelona Spain. Furthering my idea that there are endless stories to be told in Robert Kirkman’s universe, Brian K. Vaughan takes on a one shot about the story of a tourist named Jeff and how he fared in the zombie apocalypse. Jeff is not the solid and heroic kind of man, and unlike his family, Jeff is one with a Peter Pan complex seeking a future of his own. Though many have theorized that the zombie apocalypse was unleashed in the US, Vaughan explores how it ravaged Europe just like it did in the South.

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The Top Ten Most Shocking Moments of “The Walking Dead” Season Six

twd-s6Despite the fact that the season finale was nothing but build up and hype leading in to a basic goose egg of a final scene, season six of “The Walking Dead” was pretty damn great. What with Rick and co. earning their place at Alexandria, they finally cemented their spots as important pieces of the town and made it their business to help the towns folks master surviving the world of the walking dead. Despite some of Rick’s harsh methods, he aims high to bring Alexandria to new areas of development, which include a humongous plot to derail a massive onslaught of the dead from leaking out of a local quarry. Though the plan fails thanks to an attack by the vicious clan of the wolves, Rick and co. do their best to bounce back from the botched mission, and everyone pretty much evolve, learning something new and defining about themselves.

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Geek Mutiny: The Search for Episode Two

We’re back! “Geek Mutiny” is back! In the return of the “Geek Mutiny” podcast, hosts Brian Pittman from Batman’s Got a Nosebleed and Felix Vasquez Jr. from Cinema Crazed discuss the controversial casting
of Iron Fist, the Ghostbusters hooplah, our expectations for the upcoming Daredevil Season Two, and how Young Justice saved Brian’s life. I, Felix Vasquez, also try my best to restrain a nasty cough.
Enjoy the show.

The Walking Dead #150


Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

For the special occasion of the 150th issue of the award winning comic series that conceived a pop culture phenomenon, Robert Kirkman delivers one of the bigger turning points in his comic book series, by delving more in to why Rick Grimes is almost unstoppable at this point. If you’ve been keeping up, the Whisperers have an army of stealth warriors that don the skins of the walkers, and are posing a severe threat on Alexandria. The loss of many key residents doesn’t just have everyone in fear, but has also caused everyone to question what kind of leader Rick Grimes.

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“Fear The Walking Dead”: Our Thoughts on Season One


“When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

In a letter addressed to Robert Kirkman in an issue of “The Walking Dead,” a reader asked if we were ever going to see zombies use tools. Kirkman replied that the zombies would never evolve. The only thing keeping man from winning is man. That’s essentially the thought process behind the apocalypse in “Fear the Walking Dead.” Surely, the walking dead are horrifying and major contributors to the downfall of mankind, but what basically destroys civilization is the horror of mankind: Our selfishness, our greed, and our inability to look out for one another.

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]


One thing I love about “The Walking Dead” is that when they promise their season will open with a bang, they open with a bang that’s deafening and mind blowing. After season four’s more downbeat opening, season five hits the ground running and wastes absolutely no time exploring the effect the Governor’s raid on Rick’s prison sanctuary has had. After the big raid, every one of the group found themselves scattered all over the country, and desperately looking for safety through the promise of the mysterious Terminus. Much to Rick’s suspicion, Terminus is not the safe haven everyone is hoping for, and he, along with Carl, and Michonne find themselves trapped in a train car with the rest of their group. Meanwhile, Carol and Tyrese are with Judith on their way to Terminus before all roads collide and fate plays yet another hand.

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