5 Ways “Fear the Walking Dead” Redeemed Itself in Season Four

“Fear The Walking Dead” is to “The Walking Dead” what “Law & Order: SVU” is to “Law & Order.” It’s another series in the same universe but with its own scenarios and characters. It’s unfortunately taken three years to find its footing, despite its very good ratings. It packed with it a great cast of Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Ruben Blades, as well as a ton of diverse side characters, but still never quite took off as a strong tale about the apocalypse. Now with its soft reboot and a new cast the series is better than ever, in spite of the audience kind of dropping it by the wayside. Regardless, season four was a huge step up for “Fear the Walking Dead” and I hope season five continues down this path with an even better, stronger villain.

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TV On DVD: Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

After suffering a major identity crisis for the last three seasons, “Fear the Walking Dead” finally finds it footing. By throwing everything it’s established out and keeping only a few main characters here and there. What began as an urban retelling of the zombie apocalypse involving two families, the Manawas and the Clarks, is now really nothing more an immigration allegory with characters basically bumping back and forth. “Fear the Walking Dead” managed to have the opportunity to really unfold an epic tale of a mixed race family, and how they learned to get along with get to know each other. Their mixed and uneasy union would have to be tested. Except, all we get is a lot of goofy switches of the premise, and wastes of some good characters.

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5 Series in 2017 I Loved

In the digital age, there’s so much entertainment, it’s impossible to be bored, anymore. There’s so much stimulation and so much television that it’s also impossible to watch everything. I have a long list of shows I intend to see soon (Glow, The Handmaid’s Tale, Punisher), but out of the TV I did manage to watch in between many, many, many movies, these are five of the series I especially enjoyed.

What were your favorite Shows and Series of 2017? Let me know in the comments!

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The Top Ten Best Moments of “The Walking Dead” Season Seven

Despite a rocky start, “The Walking Dead” season seven was absolutely stellar, as we finally got to meet the man known as Negan. Since Season one most of the threats from outside haven’t shaken Rick and his group’s confidence. Hell, not even a town filled with cannibals could really shake Rick’s determination. It isn’t until Maggie was near death and the massive numbers of the Savior for Rick to be shaken at the core. Negan is a vicious monster who is just as organized and orderly as Rick and his group are. He commands big numbers, strikes fear in to the hearts of many, and is never afraid to demonstrate his wrath over others. Season seven saw Rick be knocked down, and find the courage to get back up again and fight for Alexandria. It was a compelling season and these are ten of the best moments that shocked, amazed, and gripped me.

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The 5 Best Times Glenn Rhee Was a Bad Ass on “The Walking Dead”

glenn-rI’m still not sure if Glenn Rhee is going to die by the dreaded barbed wire face of new villain Negan’s bat Lucille in the season seven premier, but all signs currently point to Glenn being one of the two characters that suffer the cruel fate. If Glenn Rhee does die, it’s going to leave a sad huge hole in the series as Glenn has managed to be sympathetic, charming, funny, heroic, courageous, selfless, paternal, and has sacrificed more than anyone on the series to ensure the safety of his friends and family.

The show’s casting of Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee was genius, and Steven Yeun has done a wonderful job playing a major role in the series. It’s not too often we see Asian heroes in monster hit television series even in modern television, but Yeun has completely made his mark as one of the most lovable every day heroes of the zombie apocalypse. Here are five best times Glenn Rhee was a bad ass on “The Walking Dead.”

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Five Ways to Fix “Fear the Walking Dead”

fear-twdI’ve given “Fear the Walking Dead” two seasons already and it’s failed to really impress me. It shifts locations constantly, doesn’t seem to garner one interesting character of the bunch, and there are so many sub-plots that are set up only to be left dangling at the end of the season. While most people are saying the show resolves a lot of the sub-plots, I still am asking a bunch of questions after the finale. Also, I’m still trying to figure out why the series builds up these huge storylines only for them to sputter out and run out of gas so suddenly? So Daniel really is dead or what? Why did Ofelia leave the hotel and go out on her own, again? Why didn’t she at least leave a note for Alicia? Was she trying to look for her father? So can Nick talk to walkers or was he hallucinating? Why did Madison and Alicia fight for the hotel and work so hard to clean it out as a refuge only for them to give it up at the drop of a hat?

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

TWD-S6This is it, this is the year we finally meet Negan, and it is a thing of beauty. Season Six is where the series “The Walking Dead” is taken to a whole other level, rebooting itself yet again. No longer is this a series about a bunch of survivors looking for a new home. They’ve found their home. Now they realize they have to fight tooth and nail to protect it. And they have to protect it from a trio of humongous menaces which include a massive horde of the walking dead that threaten to destroy the town Alexandria, a cult of terrorists known as “The Wolves” that raid Alexandria at its weakest, and of course, the Saviors, a group of raiders and nomads that want everything that Alexandria and Rick Grimes have worked for and accomplished. Season six promises us a glimpse in to a larger world, and lo and behold we get it. The series expands in to a much larger set piece and introduces many more characters, a lot of whom have been established fan favorites in the comics.

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The Walking Dead: Alien

twdalien1This is the story of Jeff, a visitor to Barcelona Spain. Furthering my idea that there are endless stories to be told in Robert Kirkman’s universe, Brian K. Vaughan takes on a one shot about the story of a tourist named Jeff and how he fared in the zombie apocalypse. Jeff is not the solid and heroic kind of man, and unlike his family, Jeff is one with a Peter Pan complex seeking a future of his own. Though many have theorized that the zombie apocalypse was unleashed in the US, Vaughan explores how it ravaged Europe just like it did in the South.

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