A Hard Day's Night (1964)

The Beatles are now and have always been four men who carried with them a presence that is hard to pin down or describe. Something about these fab four, these mop tops always inspired an attraction from music lovers and fans around the world. It doesn’t matter what they did or do, people responded and they came in droves to watch the four do what they did best. The transition to film is rarely a successful venture for a musical star. Many times you’ll see a singer anxiously trying to act and failing or just pretty much supplying a string of mediocre performances. “A Hard Day’s Night” makes no bones about itself. It’s a vehicle, a promotional tool, and of course a way for fans to see the Beatles without going to a concert.

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Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970) (Two-Disc Special Edition DVD)


For Elvis fans of all kind, “That’s the Way It is: Two-Disc Special Edition” will bring about some truly good supplements, including two version of this documentary. You received the original 1970 theatrical edition, and the 2001 Special Edition, which is twelve minutes shorter, but visually restored. Elvis is pretty much like The Beatles, they’re both instantly identifiable, household names, difficult to resist, and made impacts on music that no one could ever re-capture. Pop and Rock stars will come and go, but there is only one Elvis, and the concert film “That’s the Way It Is” proves that, once and for all.

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Our 25 Favorite Music Videos Of All Time

15. Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight, Tonight
The Smashing Pumpkins were one of the best alternative rock bands to come out of the nineties and couldn’t be lumped in with everyone else simply for their sheer originality and odd appearance, but their music was great from songs like “1979” to “Bullets with Butterfly Wings”, no two songs ever really sounded alike, especially when talking about “Tonight, tonight”. This impressive rock song backed with an orchestra and sometimes sounding like Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”, about growing up and losing your precious youth recalls the classic silent films “From the Earth to the Moon” shot by shot with the young couple being marooned on the moon with aliens as the husband kills the aliens with his umbrella, meanwhile they fall into the sea and are greeted by Poseidon and his mermaids. Meanwhile, Billy Corgan and his band sing atop clouds like angelic ghosts. “Tonight, Tonight” is their best video and an ode to classic silent films with a bittersweet but memorable song.

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