The PC Thug: Rest In Peace, Chiller TV

2017 will go down as a truly banner year for the horror community. We had great highs and massive lows. It was also the year of Stephen King where we celebrated genuinely brilliant adaptations like “It,” but bowed our heads in shame at the TV adaptations of “The Mist.” Good god that was terrible. I digress. We lost a ton of horror greats, and a good portion of horror hit makers spent a lot of time trying to convince the public that their films were not horror.

And who can forget the infamous “Post-Horror” crap? One of the bigger news headlines in the horror world that sent 2017 out with a bang has been the news that effective January 1st 2018, Chiller TV is shutting down.

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When the World’s Fair Changed the Movies

Many of the most significant changes in film technology and presentation did not occur in a commercial theater, but in the specialized venues of World’s Fair exhibitions. On this episode, historian Charles Pappas, author of the new book “Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords: How World’s Fairs and Trade Expos Changed the World,” discusses how World’s Fair audiences came to experience a very different approach to film – as well as learning how live TV broadcasting got its foothold in the 1939 New York’s World’s Fair.

The episode can be heard here. Please note: There is a very brief technical glitch in the beginning of the episode. We apologize for that audio oops.

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