Bikini Avengers (2015)


There’s just something not quite right about “Bikini Avengers.” Technically it should have been a fun and funny spoof of superhero movies, but going in to it, I was pretty bored and altogether it felt like one big missed opportunity. Normally bad acting and pretty shitty budgets don’t affect these kinds of soft core spoof films, but for “Bikini Avengers,” it pretty much bogs down what could have been a fun movie. There’s also the humor which really does miss the mark quite often.

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Invisible Centerfolds (2015)


The oh so lovely Christine Nguyen is back in what is essentially a movie with the exact cast as “Sexy Warriors.” Though much more science fiction based, “Invisible Centerfolds” gets its kicks off of the comedy it mines from turning Christine Nguyen invisible. Think of it as the famous movie starring Claude Rains, except rather than a legendary male actor, it’s an obscenely sexy young Asian woman.

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Sexy Warriors (2014)


Say what you want about softcore porn, but it serves its purpose if you’re in the mood to ogle hot women without the nastiness of hardcore stuff. “Sexy Warriors” definitely lives up to its title, supplying a foursome of really sexy women, all of whom indulge audiences in an Amazonian fantasy. This time around the really gorgeous Jazy Berlin is a warrior woman named Diana from the land of Lesbos who uses a magic orb to go to the future. Why she chooses LA is anyone’s guess, but she warps there. She’s followed by red headed bombshell Athena who is looking for her, and the two find that the future holds various pleasures. This is kind of like 2011’s “Thor” if Thor were a sexy Amazonian lesbian.

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