Nuevo Rico (2020) [SXSW 2021]

Director Kristian Mercado Figueroa’s short musical is a brilliant and excellent look at the end of the potential creeping end of the American territory known as Puerto Rico. Though fiction, Mercado brings to light the very troubling developments that could change how Puerto Ricans connect to their homeland. In the near future, the raw land of Puerto Rico has been destroyed in favor of a futuristic dystopia now known as Nuevo Rico.

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Interview with Filmmaker and Comic Artist Lia Scott Price [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Lia Scott Price and I am the creator, filmmaker, author and artist of the vampire horror-action comic books and animation series called Vampire Guardian Angels. I turned guardian angels into a new breed of vampire in the vampire genre, a hybrid of a serial killer, guardian angel, and vampire, and I am a character in my comic book series and animation. I’ve also directed and acted in my Vampire Guardian Angel films.

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Interview with Filmmaker Catalina Querida [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Photo credit: Bart De BoisBlanc

Catalina Querida is a very creative filmmaker out of Texas who talks about her seasoned directing and acting career in horror and indie filmmaking. While leading Little Spark Films, she’s built an impressive list of horror shorts, as well as having worked with Troma. Querida discusses her creative process, her inspirations, and what we can expect from her next.

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Shorts Round Up of the Week: 1/29/21

It’s been a while since I’ve delivered the Shorts Round Up of the Week as I was previously incapacitated with the flu for most of December. Now that we’re on a new year and a new chapter for the site, I thought it only fitting to unveil the first “Shorts Round Up of the Week” for 2021.

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If Anything Happens I Love You: The Stellar Short That Became an Internet Meme

One of the bigger more interesting memes at Tiktok right now is the “#IfAnythingHappensILoveYouChallenge.” This particular meme involves a person or people filming themselves before and filming themselves after watching “If Anything Happens I Love You” on Netflix. Every video so far has shown each viewer beginning the movie with a nervous smirk and closing the video with teary eyes. Some of the users are nearly inconsolable afterward. If you didn’t think a short film could legitimately derive so many emotions from viewers, well them you probably have never seen “If Anything Happens I Love You.”

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The Bootleg Files: Cow on the Moon

BOOTLEG FILES 746: “Cow on the Moon” (1959 animated short by Dušan Vukotić).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube.


REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: Most likely due to a problem with rights clearance.

Unlikely at this time.

During the mid-1950s, Yugoslavia began to make its presence known on the global cinema scene through the output of Zagreb Film, a Croatian-based studio specializing in offbeat animated shorts. At the time, animated shorts were still dominated by the Hollywood studios and their line-up of beloved zany characters. But the Zagreb Film animators slowly found their way into major film festivals and theatrical release thanks to inventive, stylish and subversively funny mini-productions.
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