Female Filmmaker Friday: Jax In Love (2018)

A lonely woman is driving in the desert when she breaks down and must depend on the kindness of strangers.  In this, she also looks for a connection on a human level.

Written by Rakefet Abergel and directed by Colin Campbell, Jax in Love is a good, albeit short exploration of multiple themes such as loneliness, human connection, love, and letting go.  Abergel’s story shows a flare for human interactions and how to translate them to the screen while Campbell’s direction brings it all forward in a clear and easy to understand manner.  Their work comes together to create a fun short film with unexpected twists and turns.

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Shorts Round Up of The Week

Most of the time we get such a backlog of short films and feature length indie films that we work hard to take them all on and review them before the year is up. In what we hope will become a new feature, “Shorts Round Up of the Week” is a column where we’ll be reviewing a round up of short films of varying quality. If you’d like to submit your short film for review consideration, submissions are always opened.

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The Sin of Jesus (1961)

Up until the 1960s, the cinema depiction of Jesus followed a consistent standard in terms of how He was depicted – the long-haired, bearded, white-robed Jesus of Renaissance paintings – as well as in the manner of how He conducted himself. The big screen Jesus was a symbol of piety and respect, with filmmakers and actors working with a clearly defined parameter.
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A Selection of Shorts from FilmOut San Diego [FilmOut San Diego 2018]

Hookup (USA) (2018)
Adam found a hookup on an app and is going to meet up with him at his place. When he gets there, he is smitten by the man and his great taste. Once things start moving forward to their intended destination, Adam finds himself in a regrettable situation.

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A Selection of the Short Film of Toronto True Crime Film Festival [Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2018]

Don’t Be a Hero (USA) (2018)
In this short film by writer/director Pete Lee, Missy Pile plays Lizzi Jo a middle-aged woman living with her mother, working a dead-end job, who robs bank to break her monotonous life every once in a while. In this inspired by a true story film, the storytelling is strong and the acting is on point. The costumes are fun and the way this is all shot is fantastic. The film starts off with synthwave which feels annoying at first, but then becomes a big part of the film and of what helps it feel complete. It’s a short that is potent on emotions and filled with talented people in all positions.

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Family Game Night (2018)

Nicholas Ferwerda’s “Family Game Night” is a short that I could actually see becoming a feature film somewhere down the road. The potential for a dark comedy horror film is right there. As a short though, it’s a very good and very darkly eccentric horror film with a fun twist on the conventional nuclear family concept that entertains successfully.

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Paul’s Bad Day (2017)

A man wakes up from a black out and everyone around him is reacting rather peculiarly to his waking up.

Written and directed by Phil Bucci, Paul’s Bad Day is an uber short with a good impact and a fun twist on its subject. As a horror sub-genre that is quite overdone these day (and it will not be revealed here to keep some surprise), this new take on it is a breath of fresh air. The very short runtime forces it to be concise and straight to the point, something that is highly appreciated and shows that the filmmaker knows how to use the less-is-more approach to horror.

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