Scarecrows (1988) [Blu-ray]


Director William Wesley’s “Scarecrows” is the epitome of a good idea given a poor execution. “Scarecrows” is one of the many scary scarecrow movies that have become a sub-genre onto themselves in the horror genre, and director Wesley paints his tale like an EC Comics story. Though I can think of plenty more films about scarecrows with a better delivery of its concept; particularly “Dark Night of the Scarecrow.”

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Scarecrow (2013)


You assume a movie about a killer scarecrow would be loads of fun, but “Scarecrow” starring Robin Dunne from the slightly entertaining Syfy series “Sanctuary” is only a passable bit of horror fare. It places little emphasis on the scarecrow, and more time on the characters. The scarecrow is a very stock horror character with no personality or real memorable moments. It takes a great talent to sap the frights from a scarecrow, and Sheldon Wilson’s film accomplishes just that.

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