The Bootleg Files: The (Almost) Lost Files

This week, The Bootleg Files is on a break. However, for those who never experienced the column during its original run on another site, there were 575 columns that ran between March 2003 (debuting with Disney’s “Song of the South”) and September 2015 (ending with Satyajit Ray’s “Sikkim”). I will add that I am glad to be part of Cinema Crazed and grateful that The Bootleg Files are now here. A new column in The Bootleg Files will be online next week.


Cinema Crazed’s Phil Hall nominated for Rondo Award

Cinema Crazed’s Phil Hall’s podcast “The Online Movie Show” was nominated for the Best Multimedia Site Award in the 2020 Rondo Awards competition! This is a fan-driven award, meaning that you need to vote to help get him up to the award podium. Votes can be emailed to by Sunday night at midnight, March 29.

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Moby Dick: The Radio Play (Part 2 of 2)

Cinema Crazed’s Phil Hall makes his playwriting debut with this radio drama based on the Herman Melville masterpiece. This is the second of a two-part presentation, directed and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and presented via the syndicated radio program “Nutmeg Chatter.”

The episode can be heard via this link.


Elizabeth Taylor Forever!

For the first episode of the fourth season of “The Online Movie Show with Phil Hall,” the focus is the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor, tracking her from precocious child star to glamourous screen icon to humanitarian work that saved thousands of lives. Actor-comic-writer-raconteur Kevin Dolan is the guest on this show, which is produced at Pleasant Podcasts.

The episode can be heard here.


Is Jerry Lewis the Anti-Christ?

The ego! The vulgarity! The love/hate relationship with Dean! Those wonderfully awful telethons! That clown-in-the-concentration-camp movie! Has there ever been a more bizarre, aggravating and (yes) invigorating force of malevolent comedy than Jerry Lewis? Even at 90, he continues to amaze and astonish – usually, for the wrong reasons, but that’s why we can’t get enough of him. Today, the funniest man on Facebook, Anthony “The Kingfish” Vitamia, joins us to discuss all things Jerry.

“The Online Movie Show” is produced at the Platinum Wolfe Studios.

You can listen to the episode here.