20 Years Later, “Cruel Intentions” is Still One of My Favorite Erotic Dramas

Back in Theaters on March 22nd for One Week Only.

“Cruel Intentions” is what many would describe as camp, but also high camp–which is probably why I love it so much. For a time where just about everything in the nineties was derived from classic literature only re-worked for teens (“Pygmalion,” “Emma,” “Romeo & Juliet” to name a few), I’m surprised anyone thought it would be a great idea to take “Dangerous Liasons” and turn it in to an erotic thriller marketed for younger audiences. While the movie doesn’t feature teenagers, it’s heavily dominated by a cast of young actors entering their early twenties, along with a lot of intimations toward prepubescent sex.

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Looking Back at “The Last Starfighter” at 35

I didn’t discover “The Last Starfighter” until I was thirteen years old. It was 1996, and I was looking for any and all movies that peaked my interest, and “The Last Starfighter” seemed like a good time to me. For some reason “The Last Starfighter” managed to skate right by me when I was a kid, and I watched every movie. I watched everything from “Willow” and “Legend” right down to “Warriors of Virtue,” but I never actually knew there was such a thing as “The Last Starfighter.”

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Five Thoughts & Observations On “The Legend of Billie Jean”

I first saw “The Legend of Billie Jean” on Television when I was nine years old on my favorite network WPIX Channel 11 in New York. This was a time when I had no cable, so my only movie entertainment were the edited for time, pan and scan films from the eighties that were also cut for adult content and language. In either case, “The Legend of Billie Jean” became an instant favorite and it’s remained one of my favorites for a very long time. Now with a Retro VHS re-release from Mill Creek, I thought I’d ponder on my favorite memories with what I consider a classic from 1985.

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Millennium After the Millennium (2018)

I was one of the many people that tuned in to see “Millennium” when it premiered on FOX television back in 1996. When I was thirteen any horror show would catch my eye, but I eventually tuned out after a few episodes. Years late “Millennium” is a widely celebrated cult classic television series that never caught on as much as its sibling predecessor “X-Files.” While the former embraced science fiction and horror, “Millennium” delved mostly in to the occult and horror, and never quite sought out to inspire hope within its viewers.

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United We Fan (2019)

I wasn’t aware of the idea of the fan campaign until 1999 when the quest to save the science fiction show “Farscape” made a ton of headlines. I soon realized that what happened wasn’t an isolated incident, especially as “Firefly” earned a ton of fan support. While fan campaigns like petitions and mail in campaigns have become common place on the internet, fan campaigns reach far back before even home computers were ever made available. “United We Fan” is an original and quite fantastic look at the birth of fan campaigns, how the entire concept represents the best of fandom and the fan community, and the destruction of stereotypes that’s followed the concept of fan campaigns for years.

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Cinema Crazed’s 2018 Halloween Horror Month Has Begun!

Once upon a time, “Halloween Horror Month” was an idea. An idea bred from a goal to look for an excuse celebrate our love for horror for a whole month. In the past we’d post a glut of horror reviews for Halloween and only Halloween, but that didn’t quite feed our appetite. Now we aspire to celebrate not just Halloween, but October, and the horror genre as a whole. For “Halloween Horror Month” we celebrate thirty two days of horror, the occult, and the paranormal. Yes, we count Dio De Los Muertos. For thirty two days we’ll bring you reviews, articles, lists, and a lot more good stuff for what promises to be a very entertaining Halloween season.

We hope you join us for all of October, and to get in the mood, feel free to view some choice Halloween/Horror themed videos below!

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Anime Impact: The Movies and Shows that Changed the World of Japanese Animation [Digital]

I’ve made it no secret about my hatred for anime in the past, but over the years I’ve softened on my stance considerably. I’ve learned to appreciate the genre and medium quite radically. While I would never label myself an anime fan, I definitely have a ton of love for the art form and have fallen in love with Studio Ghibli, and films like “Akira,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “Vampire Hunter D” and the like. When I was offered a chance to review “Anime Impact,” jumped at the opportunity since I wanted to learn more about anime. I also am a big fan of Chris Stuckmann who is easily one of my top ten movie critics on Youtube.

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13 MORE Random Things About Friday the 13th

Two years ago I spouted thirteen facts about me and my connection to “Friday the 13th” and I repeat that same fun list with thirteen more random, weird, meaningless facts that continue to link my life to “Friday the 13th.” Since I’m not all superstitious this is more about my love for the movies and or TV show.

Where ever the red dot goes: Ya bang!

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