The Pianist (2002)

ThePianistThe holocaust was the worst crime against humanity and a race ever committed; the concept as to the extermination of the Jewish race and it’s allies is simply ridiculous and thus a thought is shown in “The Pianist” a film that rivals every one of the greatest Holocaust films ever made, including the best “Schindler’s List”. Based upon the autobiography and chronicle of pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman through his struggle for survival from the beginning of the holocaust, his family’s move from smaller place to smaller place to finally a concentration camp, his escape from the concentration camp and his survival in the Warsaw ghetto, we learn something about the people of that time, the Jewish people who were persecuted among the Nazi’s; these were survivors, these were true heroes who managed to stay alive along the course of the Holocaust.

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Liam (2000)


In the reality of “Liam” brought to screen by director Stephen Frears, the peasants of the Irish village owe debts whether they like it or not; they even owe debts to the local Catholic Church which rules over them like a mafia syndicate. In the time of the story told, the Catholic Church ruled over everyone with hypocrisy and cruelty where parishes came around the neighborhood to collect dues while the wives reluctantly gave simply out of guilt. The children are taken to Sunday school simply for shock tactics where they’re taught that if they sin, they would burn in hell. It is terrifying to youngest child, seven year old Liam, who has an odd fascination with the female body after accidentally walking in on his mother (Claire Hackett) in the bathroom.

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