The Philadelphia Story (1940): Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray]

George Cukor’s “The Philadelphia Story” isn’t just a masterful romance comedy, but it’s also an important piece of filmmaking that marked important turning points in the lives of its stars. In particular there was Katharine Hepburn who, believe it or not, was considered “Box Office Poison” by critics after a series of cinematic flops. Once “The Philadelphia Story” proved her brilliance as an actress, her career only went up. “The Philadelphia Story” is one of the least cloying romance comedies I’ve ever seen, as it’s one wrapped up in genuine human emotion and spite that tends to be shockingly entertaining. The fact that the film is models itself after the hit play never hinders the production, allowing “The Philadelphia Story” to feel very lively and energetic.

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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

AnAmericanTail-FGW“Fievel Goes West” is a childhood favorite and a fitting end to the legacy of Jimmy Stewart. Not only does Stewart play an old dog who was once an old West hero, but Stewart was a man very fond of family friendly entertainment. “Fievel Goes West” is a film just as good as the original where the Mousekewitz family find themselves being exploited by a capitalist cat who wants to enslave the mouse community before eating them. Masquerading as a Southern mouse promising a new start in the old west town of Green River, the Mousekewitzes make another trek in to a new frontier after the crowded slums of New York didn’t quite work out for them.

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Harvey (1950)


“Harvey” is another one of those non-conformists dramedies that asks what the harms is in being a little different. In a time where normality and conservative thinking were a standard, and psychology was still a new aspect of society, “Harvey” is yet another wonderful tale about a unique individual who changes the lives of everyone around him. That’s all thanks to the small ounce of magic he brings to people that have convinced themselves they’re normal, but really aren’t. While “Harvey” fancies itself as a dramedy, it’s first and foremost a light hearted romp through fantasy and imagination, and will often inspire raucous laughter from viewers.

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