Five Favorite Crazy Movie Sex Scenes

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s no problem if you choose not to celebrate this holiday. It’s not even really a holiday, its more an excuse to make single people feel bad, and couples feel guilty about not picking up a box of cheap candy or a lame card from the local pharmacy. What, me bitter? No! I’m not bitter at all. In honor of the holiday, here are five of some of my favorite crazy movie sex scenes of all time.

Let Me Know Some of Your Favorites in the Comments!

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My Ten Favorite Modern Horror Actresses, Part Two [WiHM 2017]

I continue my top ten with the final five celebrating ten modern horror actresses I’m quite a fan of. The rankings aren’t definitive, nor a reflection on the quality of these actresses, it’s just arbitrary ratings for the sake of the list. These are the remaining five great modern horror actresses making their mark in the horror world in celebration of “Women in Horror Month 2017.”

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My Ten Favorite Modern Horror Actresses, Part One [WiHM 2017]

It’s February at last, and February marks “Women in Horror Month,” a twenty eight day celebration of women’s contributions to horror in all forms and mediums. From directing, writing, acting, graphic art, modeling, etc. The month represents the impact women have made in the horror world. In honor of the month, I thought I’d list ten of my favorite modern horror actresses that are currently making waves in horror film and horror television. This list pays tribute to ten talented, savvy, charismatic, and beautiful actresses that have chilled, riveted, and made an impact in the genre.

Let Me Know Some of Your favorite modern horror actresses in the comments.

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X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time (2015) (DVD)

From Showtime and Kino Lorber comes what is basically a fun primer of adult cinema for folks that might want to either re-visit the genre, or perhaps learn where to start their collection. “X-Rated” is a very R rated look at some of the greatest Adult movies of all time, and manages to interview many of the surviving cast members of films like “The Opening of Misty Beethoven,” “Deep Throat,” and the once very controversial “Taboo.” Its surprising to see how much involvement many of the cast members had in making these classic porn movies, and how affectionately a lot of modern adult stars discuss these movies with a lot of insight and enthusiasm.

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Tim Burton: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work [Hardcover]

For the respective Tim Burton enthusiast comes “Tim Burton: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work,” a comprehensive biography and study of the master’s work by author Ian Nathan. Courtesy of Aurum Press, the book is a hardcover encyclopedia of everything Tim Burton, chronicling pretty much every film he’s ever made, from his short films in school, to his work in animation, right down to major projects like “Batman Returns” and “Dark Shadows.” Fans of Burton will be pleased to read about the interesting life Burton has led, and how he was often drawn to the Gothic and ideas about the outcasts in “normal” society.

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The Search for Weng Weng (2007)

Andrew Leavold, a cult video store owner, goes on the search for a mysterious movie star from the Philippines, the 2’9” action star Weng Weng who did less than a dozen films but left a huge mark on his fans.  Leavold through his documentary shows the star’s childhood, rise, and fall until his untimely death. Written by Andrew Leavold and Daniel Palisa (as Daniel Haig) and directed by Leavold, it follows its director’s journey from Australia to the Weng Weng’s native Philippines where he finds footage of the star he had never seen, movies he had never heard about, and plenty of people ready to talk about the star.

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