Interview with Antonio Pantoja, Director of “One Must Fall”

Antonio Pantoja is an acclaimed artist, photographer, and man of many skills who has just completed “One Must Fall.” Now premiering in various festivals around America and garnering various accolades, Pantoja’s horror comedy slasher is making waves, and Emilie Black took time from his busy schedule to ask about his career and love of film.

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Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)

Roger Corman’s contributions have been unmatched by most Hollywood directors, and sadly he’s become a mostly unappreciated presence in filmmaking. As viewed in “Corman’s World,” Roger Corman is one of the most ambitious but very money conscious filmmakers that’s managed to build an entire legacy out of creating entertainment on low budgets, while discovering some of the best filmmakers of all time. From giving Martin Scorsese and Peter Bogdonavich their breaks, to teaching Ron Howard how to direct around limited resources, Roger Corman has been a wizard of giving studios what they want, and doing it his way.

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100 Greatest Horror Classics: 24 Disc Set (DVD)

You’re probably saying, “Hey Cinema Crazed, I have over a hundred and twenty seven hours to kill. What ever shall I do?” Well, I have just what you’re looking for, friend-o. From Mill Creek Entertainment comes the double boxed set of your usual horror classics and not so classics all compounded in to a hundred horror movies and twenty four discs all for your viewing pleasure. With spiffy cover art like you see at left, and the movies included, what else would you want? What else, I ask? Well? Answer me, damn it.

Featured among this massive set is two episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” entitled “The Chaney Vase” starring Darren McGavin and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” starring Diana Dors! There’s also “The Amazing Mr. X” from 1948, “The Ape” from 1948, “The Ape Man” from 1943, and various other gems like “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die ” from 1962, the always terrifying “Carnival of Souls” from 1962. As usual there’s the classic that started the entire slasher sub-genre, “Dementia 13” and the John Barrymore 1920 classic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

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