Girls and Corpses Volume #7 “Nuclear” Summer [Magazine]


For fans of gore and horror, the number one necrophilia/horror magazine is back with their nuclear summer issue. Celebrating the end of the world, the magazine is still strictly for folks with a strong stomach and not for the faint of heart. After a very good letter from magazine founder Robert Rhine about the nuclear apocalypse, there’s an interview with GWAR founder Oderus Urungus about the band’s history, his association with horror director Adam Green, and the group’s newest album. “Talkin’ Street Trash” is a great interview with writer and producer Roy Frumkes, who discusses his dark horror comedy “Street Trash,” which has just been granted a brand spanking new edition on Blu-Ray this year. Frumkes speaks of his experience with special effects, his history with “Street Trash,” his days as a zombie on “Dawn of the Dead,” and various other projects.

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