42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 9 (DVD)


The “42nd Street Forever” group are at it again with another series of loops that are within the two hour range altogether. They feature an assortment of silent porn shorts from group, girl on girl and girl on boy and garner some of the hottest porn stars of the eighties including Kandi Barbour, Aunt Peg, CJ Laing, and Vanessa Del Rio. Continue reading

Snow Honeys (1983) (DVD)


“Snow Honeys” is less a snow bound bit of stag porn and more a lot of short vignettes set to the frame work of Kara Lott and Ken Starbuck introducing various segments. They’re not all consistent with the opening narration of the couple at a ski lounge, but it’s fun to watch the pair struggle through their introductions. Whether it’s the cold or the exhaustion, their first segment introduction is poorly edited together and seems to have been accomplished with multiple, perhaps dozens, of takes.

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Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000)


Don’t you hate it when you hit your head in a fit of rage and end up in Sherwood forest with a bunch of hot buxom women? In all honesty, I’d love that, but surely enough in Surrender Cinema’s “Virgins of Sherwood Forest” you can expect it to happen. One of my favorite erotic stars of all time, Gabriella Hall, plays Roberta, a female director for a music video has to tolerate a bunch of obnoxious sex starved actors.
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Sweet & Perverse Milly (1989) (DVD)

The reason to see “Sweet & Perverse Milly” is for Milly D’Abbraccio. She’s a mind blowingly sexy, and insanely vivacious woman who dominates the eighty minute movie she headlines with her insanely gorgeous body. Normally foreign erotica can tend to drag, but D’Abbraccio just grabs every bit of attention every time she’s on-screen, and knows exactly what she’s working with, and what she’s doing to the audience. One 7 Movies brings the Milly D’Abbraccio spotlight to the fans with a fine restoration of her 1989 movie.
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Sexcula (1974) (DVD)

sexcula“Sexcula” is like one big acid trip. There’s no sense of narrative, tone, pacing, or any kind of semblance of story. The director doesn’t even seem to be working on any kind of script. Take for example the big show where a stripper (glimmering in a spotlight seemingly appearing from nowhere) begins dancing with the castle owner’s pet gorilla. The gorilla is so enticed by the dancing, he attacks and rapes the stripper, and out of revenge, she rapes the gorilla. The two then seemingly die during the revenge rape, and then they pop up taking a bow as the characters in the film applaud. It’s this kind of nonsense that makes “Sexcula” irritating, but oddly alluring. I’d call it erotic and sexy, but the movie is just too stupid to muster up any kind of that flavor.

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Sexy Rangers (2011)


The original title for the film is “Big Boob Squad: Sexy Rangers.” Because based on the film, there’s something called Pai Energy that’s emitted from women’s “big bountiful breasts.” This somehow is the source of the power for the Sexy Rangers and their mission to fight crime and save—big boobs? I’m not sure, as I was distracted by the jiggling and colorful outfits. It’s clear that “Sexy Rangers” is a spoof of “Super Sentai,” and I was surprised to see how much fun this movie was. Even without the big boobs, it has its charms. The “Boob Squad” even has a robot sidekick named Pai 02 that has two huge eyes that resemble breasts. Somewhere Fred Olen Ray is watching from the sidelines with a proud smile a la Mr. Miyagi.

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Same Time Every Year (1981) (DVD)


Goofy, albeit erotic, “Same Time Every Year” is one of the more tightly directed and entertaining smut films from the late seventies, that would help usher in the eighties porn wave. It’s not really a movie so much as it is hardcore porn, but it definitely has its charms. Besides the gorgeous women and well edited sex scenes, “Same Time Every Year” is delightfully funny at times. Whether it’s intentional or not, I’m not sure, but some scenes were just too unusual to take as erotic.

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Profoundly Erotic: Sexy Movies that Changed History [Paperback]


It’s the last book from Joe Bob Briggs, and for his final outing in the publishing world, he follows up “Profoundly Disturbing” with the equally excellent “Profoundly Erotic.” The final book reviews a series of erotic movies, all of which aren’t exactly pornographic or erotica per se. They’re instead very adult films that deal with sexual politics and the undertones of sexual repression. As usual Joe Bob Briggs is as insightful and informative as ever, and it was ultimately a breezy read to finish.

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