Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

Arrow-S4-Blu-rayThis is the season that finally broke the fans, prompting the loyal fan base for “Arrow” on reddit to turn a group devoted to the series in to a group about “Daredevil.” The CW and Warner are at a really tough crossroads with “Arrow,” where they somewhat seem hell bent on sticking with what doesn’t work with the series, while pulling back on what does. Yes, they reward fans by bringing back John Constantine from the hell of cancelled television to resolve his television storyline, but he’s on for only two episodes. When Oliver Queen and company find themselves battling the evil Damian Darhk who is all powerful thanks to a supernatural relic, the answer invariably pops up: “Why isn’t Constantine helping them?”

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The Flash/Arrow Crossover


The benefit of the “Arrow” and “The Flash” two night crossover, is that it emphasizes the contrast between both shows. While “The Flash” is a hit series, and a spin off of “Arrow,” it’s also much lighter, brighter, and action packed than “Arrow” which bases itself on a darker more revenge fueled storyline. Though the Greg Berlanti fueled shows have made it clear they’re one in the same and will crossover from time to time, the contrast between two shows in the crossovers is made perfectly clear in this event. It may allow audiences to ultimately decide which series they prefer, or if they want to stick with both. I’m choosing both, even though “The Flash” has won me over in a season while it took “Arrow” to win me over by the end of season two.

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The Time Batman Met the Green Hornet


When I was a very young, I grew up in front of the television. Not because my parents insisted on it, but because I was a bonafide TV addict. Growing up, I knew two things about television. One was that Adam West’s “Batman” was a great series, and that “Green Hornet” was the much more sophisticated and entertaining counterpart that was disgustingly underrated.

I didn’t grow up with either series since I was born in 1983, but back when local networks played classic programming during the day, “Batman” was a surefire choice of entertainment after school for many years. “Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!” always kept me coming back to see how Batman or Robin would get out of a jam. During that time, I fondly recall watching “Green Hornet” on VHS and found it to be much more entertaining and exciting.

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