Feeding Frenzy (2010) (DVD Review)

feeding frenzy poster“It’s very likely the tomato paste has AIDS in it.”

Red Letter Media, the production company behind all of the classic internet movie reviews of the “Star Wars” prequels that even garnered Simon Pegg’s unabashed endorsement releases their first feature film entitled “Feeding Frenzy” a trashy horror film very much in line with the company’s humor and even features their company mascot Mr. Plinkett as an ominous villain as a nod to fans who followed their brilliant video reviews so adamantly every year.

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Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Two very (and I emphasize the word) VERY stupid kids while on the way to spring break stumble upon a cave decorated with decayed bodies next to an abandoned church , but soon they begin to discover that there’s an evil demonic force behind it. Now the demonic force is after them and will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Every once in a while in a world full of rip-offs, cookie-cutter horrors, and timid supernatural movies passing itself off as horror, a movie comes along and spreads some light on the horror genre, once again renewing my interest and faith in the horror genre. This is one of those movies.

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