The Fab Four & The Fab Foul


You can’t just put any band on a film and expect laughs. And chemistry and appeal. That’s what happened to “Spice World.”

The directors and creators behind it seemed to basically assume, “Hell, this band is popular, they’re a pop band, they have massive appeal with the male audience, they make catchy music, and they’re British, so they’ll be perfect equivalents to The Beatles.”

And… well… if you saw the movie, you’ll know that the logic behind that theory was slightly eschew.

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Kenny Rogers: Keep Christmas With You (DVD)

This hour long special I fondly recall sleeping through in the nineties thanks to a country music obsessed mom, is now available in all of its uncut glory. Truth be told, time has been kind to this special, and tapping Kenny Rogers’ popularity in the decade, we get to see him have a ball with a group of kids.

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