Heroes of Cosplay


In spite of Syfy’s best efforts, “Heroes of Cosplay” is one of the least melodramatic reality shows I’ve ever seen behind the “Debbie Does Dallas” reality show. Geek culture is huge now, and every network is aiming to market on the fact that the fan boys and pop culture buffs really dominate the scope of fiction and media right now. Syfy has tried time and again with varied results, and so far “Heroes of Cosplay” (a kind of spin off of the cosplaying portion of “Comic Con Episode IV”) is the best, and most entertaining.

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Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope (2012)

comic-con-a-fans-hopeWell how about that? Someone finally gets it. Morgan Spurlock has become one of the most notable documentary directors of all time and thankfully with “Comic Con Episode 4” he chooses to spotlight an area of the world that garners a lot of attention and acclaim and yet rarely gets looked upon with much respect. It’s so easy to kick at fan boys in today’s pop culture storm because they’re simply the easiest targets around. But what Morgan Spurlock accomplishes with the help of Stan Lee and Joss Whedon, is depict fan boys in a light we rarely ever see: human. In the grand tradition of films like “Trekkies,” Spurlock spotlights the entire comic con experience from multiple angles to allow the general audience to explore that comic con as a whole is not just a simple gathering of fan boys across the world, but a testament to hard work and for some, a day that decides the rest of their lives.

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