Art as a Weapon (2012) [San Diego Film Week 2017]

Made in 2012, Art as a Weapon is a documentary about using street art to publicly send a message, may it be of peace, hope, a political one, or any other messages sent to the mass public by way of graffiti, paintings, etc.  The film follows an art class in Burma learning to use art with the most effectiveness and contrasts this with American street artist Shepard Fairey.  Directed by San Diego documentarian Jeffrey Durkin, the film mixes the Burmese school students’ scenes with scenes shot in San Diego while artist Shepard Fairey was in town painting a Buddhist monk on the side of a building.

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24×36: A Movie About Movie Posters (2016) [Blood in the Snow 2016]

24x36Illustrated movie posters are explore here through their beginnings, history, the artists behind them, and their recent resurgence started with Mondo and their artist posters of older films that have become highly collectible and wanted. Directed by Kevin Burke, this documentary starts with the history of the medium and interviews with knowledgeable people and artists.  This part of the film is filled with historical facts and anecdotal stories.  The film spends a bit of time on the history, where posters can from, why are they the sizes that they are, why they look a certain way, their evolution, etc.

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Emilie Black At Home with Guillermo Del Toro’s Monsters

athomewithmonsters1The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit of a part of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro’s horror-centric art collection.  This includes everything from movie props (from his own films and others’), to paintings, to photographs, to sculptures, to storyboards, to sketches, etc, etc, etc.  This small part of his collection is insane in the best of ways and any movie nerd that can should go and see it before it closes on the 27th of November.

As a proper movie (horror especially) nerd, I went and took a ton of photos. Unfortunately, it is dark in there and flash photography is not allowed to protect the art and other people’s enjoyment of it.  With no further ado, here are some of my photos of the exhibit in all their dark and grainy glory!

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Girls and Corpses: Volume #7 [Magazine]

gandc-springThe girl can’t help it. “Girls and Corpses” celebrates their Spring volume by bringing aboard their own bonafide spring hotty, Courtney Stodden. Whether or not you’re a fan, there’s no denying the news savvy highly publicized Stodden is insanely hot, and “Girls and Corpses” takes advantage of her photo shoot, making sure to show off how Stodden manages to keep every page of her photo spread burning to the touch.

There’s even a delectable fold out poster for folks who want to appreciate Stodden every single day of the year. Stodden is definitely a model for the horror magazine that will keep readers turning back to her spread again, and again, and she takes full zeal in her new cover shoot by posing with her very own corpse groom. One very lucky corpse groom.

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The Art of "Rise of the Guardians" (The Art of Dreamworks) [Hardcover]

For aspiring animators and or fans of “Rise of the Guardians,” this hardcover look at the development of “Rise of the Guardians” from a series of eight young adult books that were compressed and transformed in to a marketable fantasy animated film will be thrilled to learn all the facets and elements of the film that were finely tuned and included to give the movie that extra dimension.

Though the film is primarily built around the belief in deities, the film implements a lot of international aspects that reflect belief including the Middle Eastern influence on the Tooth Fairy’s costume, as well as the Bunny’s giant egg sentinels, all of which were influenced by Eastern mythology. There’s also a detailed glimpse in to the creation of the realms for the guardians, including the small trinkets and interesting details added to certain background and environments, including North’s toy shop, and the detailing of his Yeti workers, all of whom were a fine addition to the story.

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Girls and Corpses: Volume 6 [Magazine]

iZ39kCgFor folks who like sex and grue wrapped up in a gory little bow, “Girls and Corpses” is surely to whet your appetite. “Girls and Corpses” is an entertaining horror magazine that spotlights the obscure corners of the horror world while allowing readers their own fantasies in the process. There’s spreads on facial make up that results in a grotesque gallery of facial rotting, old pictorials of women posing with skeletons and cadavers, explorations of mechanical art, as well as digital art, and a heavy emphasis on horror photography that explores taboo sexual practices.

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Animation Unleashed: 100 Principles Every Animator, Comic Book Writers, Filmmakers, Video Artist, and Game Developer Should Know [Paperback]

There have been a lot of animation guides, but not one I could have easily used to animate my own film, or create a comic with. Most animation guides are a bit too rigid and advanced for someone of my skills so it was a blast to read “Animation Unleashed” a comprehensive and very helpful guide that tackles all bases of the animation and comic book medium.

From form, motion, and action, to shadows, right down to clouds. It’s a quick and fun read that will prove to be an asset to any of the aspiring animators or comic artists looking for help on taking their one dimensional characters or figures and turning them in to living breathing beings.

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Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time (2002)


What Andy Goldsworthy does is pure magic that can be deemed as truly amazing, or just a truly amazing use of proficiency. Goldsworthy masters his craft within an instance going out in to a natural terrain and instantly begins looking for objects to make up his next masterpiece. Goldsworthy takes what he’s given from nature, and in an obviously edited nature begins making a design. Scottish born artist Goldsworthy speaks with a gentle voice very often as all artists do knowing any little tremor will break down the masterpiece, and though he be slightly eccentric, mad, and demanding, he does manage to surprise with visions of nature that really made me gasp and smile with wonder at the beauty presented to us in stark luminous colors and shades.

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