The Return of Crackpot Christmas Movies

Santa teaming with Merlin the Magician to defeat Satan? Charlie Brown’s Christmas with a Rudy Ray Moore-worthy soundtrack? And why are the prehistoric Flintstones celebrating a holiday rooted in the birth of Jesus? Facebook’s funniest man, Anthony “Kingfish” Vitamia, returns to roast the silliest, most violent and least likely holiday movies of all time in this encore presentation of “The Online Movie Show.”

The episode can be heard here.


Charlton Heston to the Rescue

He singlehandedly took on Pharaoh’s army, the Roman legions, the Moors, the Pope, King Herod, Laurence Olivier in blackface and, of course, those damn dirty apes. Whether he was a Mexican cop, Mark Antony or Long John Silver, Charlton Heston was always ready to rumble and no crisis – zombies, earthquakes or a Karen Black-piloted airplane – would scare him away. On this episode of “The Online Movie Show,” Facebook’s funniest man Anthony “Kingfish” Vitamia pays tribute to Charlton Heston, as well as some of his zany co-stars! Grab a bowl of soylent green and enjoy the show!

The episode can be heard here!


Is Jerry Lewis the Anti-Christ?

The ego! The vulgarity! The love/hate relationship with Dean! Those wonderfully awful telethons! That clown-in-the-concentration-camp movie! Has there ever been a more bizarre, aggravating and (yes) invigorating force of malevolent comedy than Jerry Lewis? Even at 90, he continues to amaze and astonish – usually, for the wrong reasons, but that’s why we can’t get enough of him. Today, the funniest man on Facebook, Anthony “The Kingfish” Vitamia, joins us to discuss all things Jerry.

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You can listen to the episode here.