Our "Exposure" to Short Films


Back in the golden days of cable television, Syfy–known as the Sci Fi channel–was rather entertaining. I’d sometimes sit down in front of the television and watch it all day long basking in stuff like “The Twilight Zone,” that horrible show “Sightings,” and “Lost in Space,” while Saturdays brought cartoons, and anime. These days, though, I barely ever want to watch it unless there’s a marathon of “Firefly,” or a crappy television movie on, and even then it’s debatable. I don’t WANT to see “Lake Placid 6,” but… I couldn’t keep from watching it when it premiered! The reason for my hatred of Syfy is because, I have them to thank for my exposure to short independent films.

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The Walking Dead: Season Three, Episode One – Seed

When we saw Rick Grimes and his group at the beginning of “What Lies Ahead,” they were trying to prove to Doctor Jenner that there was something worth living for out in the zombie apocalypse. Maybe if they kept going, they could show that there was salvation. And then basically they took salvation and destroyed it. Jenner was right. In the opening of “The Walking Dead” season three entitled “Seed,” there really hasn’t been any progress.

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The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One – What Lies Ahead

What we see in “What Lies Ahead” is a group of people trying to prove someone wrong. At the end of the first season they were told by Doctor Jennings from the CDC that there is nothing in the world, and there is simply no hope. Which is why he attempted to commit suicide with the group aboard. But the end of the episode showed that they were all willing to fight for their lives because there was hope. Hope had to mean something to him and to them. What we witness in “What Lies Ahead” is a group on the raggedy edge where they’re now laying witness to the wasteland where all hope is lost. But damned if they’re willing to admit to one another and to themselves that they were perhaps better off dying in a ball of flames at the CDC. What Rick’s dilemma ultimately is in this episode is a man searching for a miracle.

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