My Ten Favorite Modern Horror Actresses, Part Two [WiHM 2017]

I continue my top ten with the final five celebrating ten modern horror actresses I’m quite a fan of. The rankings aren’t definitive, nor a reflection on the quality of these actresses, it’s just arbitrary ratings for the sake of the list. These are the remaining five great modern horror actresses making their mark in the horror world in celebration of “Women in Horror Month 2017.”

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Voiceovers: Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Money With Your Voice [Paperback]

VoiceoversTerri Apple’s non-fiction guide to the art of voice over is one of the most surprising books I’ve read all year. Even as someone who can respect the art of the voice over and the respect voice actors lack in their profession, it was pretty shocking to see the struggle it takes to read through one disclaimer. Author Terri Apple makes the wise decision of including exercises with the end of every chapter allowing the reader an almost classroom-like vibe with their read, and with the hefty “Voiceovers” you’ll find yourself mastering the art of voice overs in no time.

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The Inimitable Ellen Page

Celebrities-ellen-page-4-10When we first see Hayley, she is not what we’re expecting her to be. For Jeff, he’s met and seduced a young girl online and when we first see Hayley she might very well be between eleven or twelve. She’s a chocoholic and pretends to be sophisticated in spite of the fact that deep down she’s kind of a bubble head. She’s sort of annoying, and she’s dressed like she’s just waiting to be dragged in to an alleyway and murdered by a wolf crossing her path. She could be taken down at any moment. For audiences around the world, it was most jarring to see a preteen portraying a juvenile who was on the verge of being victimized by an older man. Hayley says she’s fourteen but she may very well be much younger. She has short hair, and red lips, and talks with a bit of an accent giving away too much information about her secret life, and for Jeff it’s all a cakewalk.

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An Interview with Actress Sarah Hall

sarahhall-fullThree words come to mind when I think of Sarah Hall: Yow, Yum, and Wow. Now, you endure my girl crazy antics day in and day out, but Sarah Hall isn’t all looks. It’s not a secret the folks at Asylum and I aren’t on the best of terms, and “The Hitchhiker” is one of the primary films from the video label that has managed to draw the line in the sand (long story), but one of the only highlights of the film is the performance, and arguably, the debut of Sarah Hall to B movie fans. Hall is one of the many rotating cast of actors in the Asylum fold that appears in almost every film title.

Hall has the potential to break out from the horror genre, and can kick the film world up its ass. As a person she’s friendly, and outgoing, and knows how to humor folks, and on-screen she’s unique, charismatic, and manages to steal the show quite often. For proof, turn to “The Hitchhiker,” which almost becomes a display for Hall’s rather alarming sex appeal, and she continues her Asylum affairs with the upcoming–ahem–mock buster “Transmorphers.”

We grabbed a hold of Hall and interviewed her, and yes, even flirted a bit, but Hall was kind enough not to put out a restraining order and obliged. Here’s the hap with Hall.

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The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004)

LifeandDeath2It was a known fact that Peter Sellers thought very little of his own self. He had a love-hate relationship with his own persona as a man who both hated and thought very highly of himself and such is shown in the new and first biographical picture of Peter Sellers, the genius behind films like “Dr. Strangelove” and the “Pink Panther” films, a man who was revered as a comedy genius during life and after his death. What is suggested here is that he was such a miserable man and such a mama’s boy, that he could never find true happiness with a woman in his life, regardless of who it was and what happiness they offered him as is shown by his countless wives including his first Anne (Good performance from Emily Watson), to his unsuccessful romancing of Sophia Loren (The gorgeous Sonia Aquino).

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