The Colgate Comedy Hour: Abbott & Costello – The Christmas Show (1952)

Originally airing on December 14, 1952 for the Colgate Comedy Hour, Abbott and Costello get to celebrate Christmas with the viewing audience and have a raucous time doing so. As with all Abbott and Costello comedy, the show moves at a rapid fire pace with consummate professionals Bud Abbott and Lou Costello having an impossible time staying still and taking a breather. Despite some segues here and there which were very typical of variety shows in the height of their popularity (there’s a wonderful dance routine by the Nicholas Brothers). Lou Costello is brilliant at reaction shots and double takes, and Bud Abbot is a wonderful straight man and foil. Also like skilled comedians, they make the best out of flubs.

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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)


I honestly can’t think of a better film where the opposite spectrum of film come together so seamlessly, it’s absolutely flawless. Abbott and Costello were always that comedy pairing that could walk in to any situation and find themselves in peril, but teaming them with Universal monsters is a gamble. It’s one that thankfully pays off in to one of the funniest horror comedies of all time. While I tend to like “Hold that Ghost” a little more, “Meet Frankenstein” is spectacular just the same.

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Our Top Five Comedy Teams

With the release of the big screen remake of “The Three Stooges” coming soon to theaters, we’re anxiously awaiting the audience reaction to this attempt at reviving the old team. Will audiences and critics be accepting of this effort? Or will it bomb out big time? Nevertheless, watching three modern actors attempt to capture the magic of the Three Stooges got us to thinking about some of our favorite comedy teams of all time and we compiled a list of five our favorites that we continue to visit time and time again in film and television.

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