Want to Submit Your Film or Film Related Work?


If you’d like to submit an online screener, send us the link with the password (if password protected) and we’ll gladly review your film in a timely fashion and be discreet about the process. We’re currently accepting online submissions through Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox, Quicktime, and on rare occasions we’ll gladly download your film upon your permission for review. After we’ve seen your film we automatically dispose of it discreetly and never pass it on to anyone else. We are incredibly backlogged so please display patience and cooperation with us. It’s a small operation.

If this meets your approval, you can Submit Your Work to us at:


We will NOT review movie scripts, incomplete films, fan edits, and or films in low quality.

Due to the volume of submissions we review, odds are your film may take months to be reviewed, but if you want or need your films reviewed in a timely manner, please explain the need for the quick review, and we’ll comply most times.

For review on our site we normally review Short Films, Feature length Films, Film series, Web series, Fiction, and Non-Fiction Books, Novels, and Movie soundtracks.

Music Videos are no longer reviewed, but we will post them if we think it’ll interest our readers!

We reserve the right to reject a submission if we feel it’s not in our interest. We’ll email you if we reject your film.

We will not retract an opinion or delete a review upon your request.

HOWEVER, we will, upon request, re-watch new cuts of films we’ve reviewed in the past, offering the filmmaker a second chance for a more positive take on their work.

We also review Comic books, graphic novels, magazines, film related products, and online comic books upon special request. If these all fit in your category, e-mail us!

If you’d like us to feature you and your film on an article for Cinema Crazed including an interview, and or short feature, let us know and we’ll talk about spotlighting a production of yours.

For questions, fan mail, hate mail, offers, and alimony notices, the editor can be reached personally:


We’re only accepting online screeners, now.

We accept physical copies of films on DVD and Blu-Ray by special request, only.

If you’d like to send us physical materials, or assorted gifts, mind the address.

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