Fuller House


Speaking as a guy who loves “Full House,” grew up watching it, and even spent his own money on the complete series on DVD, I’m surprised that I’m not the person “Fuller House” is apparently targeted toward. Granted, I love my fair share of nineties nostalgia, and will spend hours savoring on even the most minute nineties details, but “Fuller House” fails mainly because it is painfully aware that it’s a television show. Granted, I wouldn’t argue “Full House” is high art, but they embraced the sitcom formula, despite the far fetched story line and inconsistencies in story. “Fuller House” knows it’s a sitcom, feels like a very long sketch for a late night talk show, and even breaks the fourth wall. Even in the worst of episodes, “Full House” never broke the fourth wall and never acknowledged that it’s a goofy sitcom mainly for the family.

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Help Fight for the Right to Fair Use

If you’re an independent artist, aspiring web celebrity, hoping to start a web show, or want to just talk about movies and want to seek your career through youtube, this video requires your immediate attention. Fair Use is under attack, and studios are attacking free speech as you read this.

If this hasn’t affected you yet, it will soon.

5 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to the Return of MST3K


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty psyched to see “Mystery Science Theater 3000” coming back. With the help of Kickstarter, fans have made their presence felt, by helping to fund a few episodes of the reboot of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Original creator Joel Hodgson plans to change some elements, while also keeping many concepts the exact same for devotees. Hopefully with this new series, it’ll launch a brand new series fans can enjoy, while also converting a new generation of fans that can carry the torch of MST3K for many more years to come.

This is five reasons why we’re looking forward to the return of MST3K.

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“Drained World” Pilot


The apocalypse is the big order for the day, and there’s no sign of entertainment in that sub-genre dying down any time soon. Even Web Series are approaching the sub-genre, and the newest is “Drained World.” Normally I’m rough on web series and demand unique content, and “Drained World” seems to fit my needs so far. The twelve minute pilot is filled with a lot of questions and some healthy ambiguity that I hope gets settled with more episodes in the future.

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How to clear an office full of zombies (2013)

In the spirit of the Boost Mobile promotion, the common thread in these “Stay Living” shorts is that the four characters chronicled in these films know they’re alive by use of their cell phones. They take pictures and videos of their killings and missions and stay connected, even after the end of the world. And, as explained in the intro film, they’ll all eventually meet up to compare notes, and split the loot four ways. Continue reading

Getting Gas in Zombie Apocalypse (2013)

Director Matt Devine follows up “Shopping in a…” with another fast paced and creepy short entitled “Getting Gas in Zombie Apocalypse.” that now follows character Ben. Ben is a masked rider on a motorcycle who has been sent out to siphon gas from abandoned vehicles. Filled with just as much skill and finesse as his teammates, he indulges the new world of the walking dead with bait that’s met with a vicious surprise. Devine is once again a master of unfolding action sequences, and this short is no different.

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Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse (2013)

I really don’t care if it’s a commercial for Boost Mobile, “Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse.” is a wicked start to what I hope will be a fun series of short films. Director Matt Devine depicts a brilliant vision of a world where consumerism is the order of the day, and the zombie apocalypse is only an obstacle in shopping for the bare necessities. The last time the zombie apocalypse looked this fun was in “Zombieland,” and I wouldn’t mind watching this unfold in to a feature film.

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Five Great “Angry Video Game Nerd” Episodes to Watch Before the Movie


I originally discovered The Angry Video Game Nerd over at Screw Attack, where his episodes grew in popularity from his creation in 2006 almost over night. As a loyal fan, “The Angry Video Game Nerd” has offered some of the funniest and most clever reviews of some of the worst video games ever created, and with creator James Rolfe’s love for film, and film making, the episodes are a pop culture fan’s dream. Here are five great episodes from the Nerd you should watch before the movie.

Links included in the titles.

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