Help Fund Emilie Black’s New Project “You Got Red On You”!

“You Got Red On You” is a horror calendar with a touch of humor, dark humor. For those who love to mix both fear and fun, a collection of 12 images in a practical calendar to follow you through all of 2019. Join me and my crew composed of a few familiar faces including actor Nick Principe (Laid to Rest, American Muscle, Tales of Halloween, The FP, etc) and San Diego actors (screen and stage) Tomas Navarro (Savage Zak Productions, Revenge Girls of the West, South of 8, …), Dominic Lerma (Lavalantula,…), …


Featuring Nick Principe of “Laid to Rest” and “Tales of Halloween,” photographer Emilie Black plans to produce more scenes with a Victorian Gothic setting, a Monster Under the Bed scene, and a female Krampus, just to name a few. The calendar is also sponsored by Rotten Cotton and Primal Colored Contact Lenses!

Among some of the rewards are Sponsorship of a Shoot, and the Calendar with exclusive Photos!

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“Super Schlock! The Weird, Wild Superheroes of the 90’s”! Buy it Today!

With superhero movies now bringing down box office records and garnering mass critical acclaim, the genre has transcended TV schlock and has now become a legitimate cinematic sub-genre. From it, auteurs all over Hollywood from Christopher Nolan to Taika Waititi have lensed some of the best superhero movies of all time.

But back in the nineties, Hollywood didn’t always want to put money behind a movie starring caped superheroes and crime fighters. A long time superhero buff, Felix Vasquez, editor of Cinema Crazed, takes a look at the decade where superhero movies were considered very risky gambles for FOX and Warner.

“Everyone knows Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, and Batman.

They are some of the biggest cinematic icons of the modern era.

But do you remember the technological hero M.A.N.T.I.S.? How about the super powered being known as Meteor Man? The Master of the Unknown, Doctor Mordrid? Ever met the super model crime fighter known as Lady X? How about the Roger Corman leather clad heroine Black Scorpion?

In the 90’s, the prospect of superhero entertainment was still in its infancy and considered a big gamble for major studios like FOX and Warner, thus superheroes were confined to television movies, and low budget films. Prepare to go back to a decade where the time of The Avengers, and Iron Man were still very far off.”

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Dear Readers: Play Nice, or You Can’t Play At All


Dear Readers,

I can not believe I have to issue one of these warnings, but I guess that’s what happens when your site grows. You have to eventually either cut the strings or issue a warning. I love comments. I love debates. I love comments on our reviews. I love debating with users about our articles, and going back and forth, trading barbs, and ideas. I get a thrill from trading ideas and thoughts with other intelligent like minded people. But I also have my limits, too.

We’re not the AV Club, we’re not Birth. Movies. Death., we’re not The Dissolve. We’d love to be though. And what do I mean by that? Meaning we’d love to have a comments board where people discuss the reviews, and articles, debate with one another, and even have fun. The comments boards on the aforementioned websites were and are fun, funny, and often times very insightful to read through. I visit the former two quite often and get a joy out of sharing thoughts with others.

But just because we’re not those sites, it doesn’t mean we’re going to sit here and allow people to come on our boards and name call, and bash us, and ridicule us. We’re not bringing in five million hits a day, but we’re doing well here, and we’re not so desperate for feedback that we’ll accept any comment, right down to trolling just to brag about having comments on our reviews. We’d rather have nothing at all than to be bashed and called “morons,” and be told that the articles suck.

What, you think our articles suck? That’s, like, your opinion, man. Go somewhere else. There are at least five hundred movie websites and blogs on the internet at your disposal. Don’t come here trying to shit on us. Your comments will be banned, you will be banned, and we’re going to move on with our lives. We’re not going to lose sleep over someone we don’t know saying we’re not qualified to review movies or share opinions. I never took that crap working on other sites, I’m not taking it on my spot on the web, and I’m not going to take that crap anymore. And spare me your freedom of speech malarkey. This is a privately owned website, I pay for it out of my own pocket, and I can do what I damn well please here. If I want to ban people, I’ll ban people. If I want to talk about pudding all day long, I’ll do that. Deal with it.

So I ask you, fair reader: If you want to share your opinion on our reviews, if you want to engage in a lively debate, if you want to question our taste in movies, and pop culture, HELL, if you want to correct us on an error we made in a review or article, go right ahead! I welcome comments that challenge our reviews. I welcome wonderful debates, I welcome like minded individuals coming on to say they either agree or disagree with us.

But the moment you start name calling, the moment you start mocking us, telling us to shut up, ordering us to stop writing just because we don’t share an opinion that you do, then you’re not allowed on the site anymore. We’re not putting up with it, and the more we grow, the more we will enforce banning trolls, and troll like individuals.

So please, play nice, or move the fuck on to another website, entirely.

Thanks for reading Cinema Crazed!

Felix Vasquez Jr.

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Now with a brand new cover, better formatting and added passages, “The Genesis Exiles,” Felix Vasquez jr’s Science Fiction Action novel is now for sale on:

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The novel the Action Elite calls “Explosive!” and “genuinely thrilling and action-packed…” Felix Vasquez Jr’s. “The Genesis Exiles” is the story of Ben and Maggie, two super powered beings tasked with stopping international terrorists alongside a team of covert soldiers with their own special abilities.

But when an ally betrays them, revealing their secret forbidden love affair to their superiors, they go on the run intent on proving their innocence, all the while battling forces the government deals them. Many of whom were once their most trusted friends.

Come hell or high water, they struggle to stay together in the face of a war more personl than either anticipated. A fun mix of “X-Men,” “The Fugitive,” don’t miss out on this exciting and fast moving novel!

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If you’re looking for some quick action packed reading this weekend, be sure to pick up my newest novel “Orphan Sword.” It took me two years to properly develop, and write, and it’s the first in what I will hope to turn in to a series. It was originally conceived as a web comic book and was turned in to a novella, changed quite drastically.

“When enigmatic young homeless drifter Noah Grey arrives in Centurion City, instead of finding the answers about his past involving being orphaned at a young age, that he so desperately wants, he finds a sinister presence is kidnapping the homeless in the shadows. When his friend Lucinda becomes a victim of the kidnappings, Noah is forced to use the martial arts and lightning quick sword skills he honed throughout his life to bring her tormentors to justice.”

Orphan Sword” is an action thriller that is heavily influenced by fiims “Zatoichi,” and “The Man with No Name” series, comic books like “Daredevil” and “Shang-Chi,” and a plethora of other movies and TV series I love. I hope you have a good time reading it, and of course, all money for sales goes toward my goal of buying that purple monkey dishwasher.

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Jan-Michael Vincent: Hollywood Tragedy

In the 1970s, Jan-Michael Vincent was a young and handsome actor that seemed on the verge of movie superstardom. But personal demons and professional disappointments derailed his life.

On this episode of the SoundCloud podcast “The Online Movie Show with Phil Hall,” film historian David Grove, author of “Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness,” details the meteoric rise and painful fall of this remarkable personality.

The episode can be found here.

The State of the Cinema Crazed Address – 2016 or “The Year of Too Many Movies”

There are too many movies!

It’s unbelievable, but we’re in the tail end of 2016, and I didn’t even see most of the movies I fully intended to. And I also want to try to catch “Edge of Seventeen” and “Rogue One” before the beginning of 2017.

2016 was a rough year. It was a tough year. It was a weird year. It was hell most times. I suffered through summer, I lost a best friend I had for eighteen years, and I had to endure a ton of health problems. However, it wasn’t all bad.

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