Now That You’ve Seen “Deadpool” Watch these Five Great Action Films


In 2016, after diminishing returns on their “X-Men” movies and failing to adapt “Fantastic Four” three times, FOX Studios did something new. They adapted a hit comic book loyal to its source material. What a concept! Shocking enough, you went to see it, making it one of the highest grossing R rated movies of all time, one of the highest grossing R Rated comic book movies of all time, and probably the only time the X-Men were entertaining in a live action movie.

Now that you’ve seen “Deadpool” and made it a rousing success, here are five other great action films for folks that appreciate the kind of humor and wonky action the Tim Miller film practiced. Did we miss any hidden action gems you might recommend? Let us know.

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Welcome Back, Frank: A Second Look at “The Punisher” Cinematic Trilogy


After decades of trying to redo his image and pretending he didn’t exist, Marvel, under the help of Disney, is finally embracing the Punisher and drawing the line with him as an adult character. Now that the mainstream has accepted that being a comic book character doesn’t mean you’re a child mascot, “The Punisher” is back at Marvel Entertainment and being given the adult treatment he deserved for such a long time. With popular character actor Jon Bernthal now taking on the mantle of Frank Castle for the acclaimed Netflix series “Daredevil” on season two.

Eventually being handed his own series, fans are hoping this is a new era for the Punisher, allowing him his own universe, his own mission, and a new iteration that will do justice to the resourceful Punisher of vigilantes and criminals. I’m excited to see what Jon Bernthal is going to do with the character come March 18th, so in celebration of the upcoming season of “Daredevil”, I’m going over the three past cinematic interpretations of Frank Castle and his moniker of “The Punisher” and see how they stack up. And if they stack up.

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The Walking Dead #150


Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

For the special occasion of the 150th issue of the award winning comic series that conceived a pop culture phenomenon, Robert Kirkman delivers one of the bigger turning points in his comic book series, by delving more in to why Rick Grimes is almost unstoppable at this point. If you’ve been keeping up, the Whisperers have an army of stealth warriors that don the skins of the walkers, and are posing a severe threat on Alexandria. The loss of many key residents doesn’t just have everyone in fear, but has also caused everyone to question what kind of leader Rick Grimes.

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Top 10 Greatest Zombies Part Two


We cap off Halloween Horror Month 2014 by celebrating Day of the Dead with “The Top 10 Greatest Zombies” Part Two. Felix Vasquez Jr. offers his top five Zombie Slayers to take on the nasty horde of the sometimes evil, sometimes misunderstood walkers.

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The Walking Dead #127

Did the show affect the comic book, or did the comic book affect the show? That’s something I’d love to know down the line, since Robert Kirkman didn’t just help reboot the series after the season four finale of “The Walking Dead” TV show, but he rebooted the entire damn series, period, in issue 127 of “The Walking Dead”! Not only does it have a brand new scheme and has been set on a whole new course, but damn it, it’s set two years in to the future, and even has a new logo. A new logo!

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5 “X-Men” Properties More Deserving of Spin-Offs than Wolverine, Magneto, and Gambit


FOX is looking for anyway they can to continue the X-Men property going and not lose it to Marvel. Hopefully someday it can revert back to Marvel and we can get a fun X-Men movie series based on the entire team, but hope springs eternal. In either case, they’ve discussed giving spin offs to Magneto and Gambit, and are also going to continue the Wolverine solo movie series. Considering Wolverine is basically the center of the X-Men movies, he technically has six movies under his belt, already. Magneto also had a movie centered on him, which was called “First Class,” the movie originally penned to be the Magneto origin movie later altered in to an X-Men prequel, so the plans for his spin off feel incredibly redundant.

Gambit has potential, but who knows if they’ll actually go with his thievery background in New Orleans, and just give him a generic adventure through America (with cameos from other X-Men)? From a humongous roster of X-Men characters and spin offs, FOX is short sighted in giving spin offs to the two most prominent characters in the X-Men movie series, and we decided to list five X-Men properties much more deserving of spin offs and prequels than the three most over exposed characters of the Marvel series.

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The PC Thug: Why I Love the Comic Book Movie Wave


Wait, so you’re telling me, Kevin Feige the Marvel CEO claims that he and the company have planned Marvel Cinematic universe movies well in to 2025? So by the time I’m in my forties I’ll still be watching superhero movies? And you’re also telling me that FOX is expanding the X-Men movie line? And you are also telling me that Sony is planning to make more Spider-Man movies, and a Venom movie, and a Sinister Six movie? Also, Netflix is going to have three series based on overlooked Marvel heroes like Daredevil soon?

Have I died and gone to heaven? It has never been this good to be a superhero fan. Never. You can argue that there was a time before this, but you’d be wrong.

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All New Ghost Rider #1 and #2


I appreciate the fact that Marvel are appealing to a more diverse audience of readers by turning their more dynamic characters in to alternate versions more interesting and complex. Surely, there will always be a place for the eighties Ghost Rider, but “All New Ghost Rider” is pretty fantastic in its own right. It dares to change the entire mold of Ghost Rider and manages to build a titillating and complex look at a corner of the Marvel Universe rarely explored: The lower class struggling to get by. Mostly though I appreciated Felipe Smith’s writing abilities, as he touches upon a lot of elements growing up in inner city neighborhoods. Robby Reyes is a high schooler caring for his disabled little brother alone, and in one scene there’s gun fire in the distance, followed by police sirens. “Remember, we never go outside when we hear firecrackers,” Robby tells his brother Gabe, after convincing him the gun fire was firecrackers.

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