Justice League/Power Rangers

If you want to talk about weird team ups of 2017 in comic books, it’s tough to come across any weirder than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League. It takes a lot of exposition, but the crossover with both teams is entertaining enough in that the writers find a good balance between both properties. The Power Rangers at Boom Studios are now dramatic enough in their own series to work alongside the Justice League, while the Justice League are considered somewhat bright enough to work alongside the Power Rangers. This could be a good platform to mock the Power Rangers and give the Justice League considerable credibility, but thankfully both teams manage to take the piss out of one another quite often.

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Justice League Action

After the horrendous reboots of “Powerpuff Girls” and “Teen Titans,” I had zero expectations for “Justice League Action.” Thankfully after sitting through its hour long premiere that combines various eleven minute episodes in to one small movie, I’m happy that it ends up being an entertaining series. It has potential to be a really great reboot that plays well in its eleven minute format, and all in one big marathon. After the bleak and dark material DC and Warner has embraced over the last five years, “Justice League Action” is aimed toward kids and it’s so much brighter and lighter in tone than the previous “Justice League” series by Bruce Timm. That show will always have a place in my heart, but “Action” is strictly for kids, continuing the tradition of “Batman: Brave and the Bold” by adhering to an aesthetic that’s fast paced, bright, fun, and bereft of the bigger complexities.

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Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead (Paperback)

trtdotdFor folks that didn’t know if “Trick r Treat” would end up as a one and done horror classic, or end up becoming a full fledged dynasty, creator Michael Dougherty is nice enough to team up with Legendary Pictures to deliverDays of the Dead.” Michael Dougherty pens the introduction to “Days of the Dead,” where still uncertain if a sequel would ever blossom back in 2015, helped build this anthology to keep Sam alive in our hearts. “Days of the Dead” is a mid-quel ripped directly out of the “Trick r Treat” universe, the graphic novel unfolds five stories involving Halloween and Autumn that tries to recapture the spirit of the original film. With the mid-quel being a graphic novel, Dougherty side steps the interconnected story format from the film and bonds the tales mainly through our beloved Sam.

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The Five Best Superman Episodes of “Justice League/JLU”

jlu-supermanOctober 10th, DC and Warner break their official rule by featuring Superman in season two of “Supergirl.” The series makes the trek from CBS TV to CW TV this fall and Warner are throwing out all the stops by having her crossover with her iconic cousin, the man of steel. Tyler Hoechlin of “Everybody Wants Some!!” steps in to the cape and tights this time around and as a Superman geek I’m expecting a lot of fun action and family dynamic. To celebrate Superman coming to “Supergirl,” I list five of the best Superman-centric episodes for Bruce Timm’s “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited.”

What are your personal favorites?

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Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues [Blu-Ray/DVD]

RedSonjaQOPYour enjoyment of “Queen of Plagues” will depend on your love for motion comic books. Shout Factory has shown a love for the format of motion comics in the past, and they continue that trend with adapting Gail Simone’s miniseries from Dynamite! Despite the draw back of animating certain panels that just look awkward in motion, “Queen of Plagues” is an engrossing adventure where we meet Sonja once again in battle. After the noble King Dimath raids and conquers a kingdom in a bloody battle, he enters a dungeon and decides to free the two remaining prisoners and let them go without trial. One of them is Sonja.

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Sentinel (2015)

sentinelNOW SEEKING FUNDING ON KICKSTARTER – Jason Turner’s “Sentinel” reminds me a lot of the Harry Canyon segment from “Heavy Metal” except so much more of a neo-noir cyberpunk love letter than the former. Presented as a motion comic, Jason Turner plays Ex-Cop Alex Calibourne, a man with enhanced body augmentations that lives in a crime ridden albeit futuristic city named Iron City. Calibourne lives and breathes by his robotic enhancements, and uses his artificial intelligence J.E.S.S., a sassy female AI, to guide him through his adventures in the underworld.

This involves his run ins with bar patrons, battling random thugs, and dealing with a potential femme fatale. The animation for the motion comic is pretty excellent, prompting a very dime novel aesthetic that channels the likes of “Blade Runner.” The character of Alex Calibourne aka “Iron Joe” is a fascinating anti-hero prone to falling for dames, and lurking in dark bars, despite being technologically advanced. I enjoyed the interplay between Irons and J.E.S.S., a very outspoken AI in the form of the classic noir secretary, who is most definitely feeling something for Calibourne.

This becomes evident as he begins sinking deeper and deeper in to a new assignment involving being a bodyguard for a very beautiful night club singer. Jason Turner has a unique vision and his format of a motion comic works in favor of his intended anthology movie in the vein of “Heavy Metal.” In the aforementioned film no two segments were alike, and it breaks the monotony to present the adventures of the Sentinel in various mediums. “Sentinel” is a neat and mesmerizing beginning to a unique crime hero, and Turner realizes him well enough to where you definitely root for him, and want to see where he goes next.


Emilie Black’s Five Favorite Hunks of the MCU

Ant ManTo go with Felix’s list of the beauties of the MCU, here comes my Five Favorite Hunks of the MCU list.  A completely arbitrary list of the guys who caught my attention in the Marvel movie adaptations, this is how it stands as of this week.  By the time I see Captain America: Civil War, this all may change.

Did I miss any of your favorites?

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My Five Favorite Beauties of the MCU

gamoraMarvel and Disney have brought movie fans far and wide some of the strong, bravest and most beautiful heroines in cinematic history. While Marvel has a pretty good track record with female heroes, the Cinematic Universe has slowly but surely introduced a long gallery of fantastic and complex bad asses, some of whom are cinematic creations, while others brought in to the flesh from the pages of the comics. These are five of my favorite beauties from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Did I miss any of your favorites? Continue reading