Entanglement (2018)

Ben thinks his life his over after the end of his marriage. As he looks for ways to die, he finds a way to move on.

Directed by Jason James and written by Jason Filiatrault, Entanglement is an odd comedy about a man trying to kill himself after the woman he loved cheated on him and left. His wanting to die leads him into therapy as one would expect but also on a quest after finding out he almost had an adoptive sister. While looking for her, more about him is shown and his character is developed as an oddball who is oddly relatable and who is trying to survive against his own judgment of himself. The character is attaching and he is one that annoys at first and eventually grows on the viewer. The way this is written and put on screen makes the character feel human while still a bit odd while the entirety of film has a very specific feel to it that is hard to pinpoint but works for the story at hand.

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The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

The “Cloverfield” universe is the next step in cinematic universes where it exists not just on cinema, but on the world wide web, as well. Sprung from the spontaneity that fans adore, “The Cloverfield Paradox” is the next wave in the story of “Cloverfield” and tackles another corner of the mythos that fans just might appreciate. In 2008 when fans spotted something falling in to the Atlantic ocean which spawns the emergence of the giant beast Clovie, many assumed it was from an experiment that went awry from the evil organization Tagruato, the enigmatic company that’s been running the viral sites. With “The Cloverfield Paradox” we finally get an explanation as to what occurred, and so much more.

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The Music of Silence (La musica del silenzio) (2017)

A young Amos is losing his sight, as he becomes blind and discovers his voice, he has to surpass obstacle after obstacle to reach his goal of singing professionally on the international stage.  Through this biography, the life and start of the career of Andrea Bocelli are explored in a way that sheds light on his difficulties and triumphs.

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