A Selection of Shorts from Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2018 Day 2 [Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2018]

As part of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival’s Saturday offerings, a smattering and a half of shorts were available for viewings split into a few blocks and attached to the features playing that day. Here are a few highlights from these.

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A Selection of Shorts from Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2018 Day 1 [Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2018]

As is now traditional, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival played a boatload of short films as part of their programing this years, all highly curated and of great quality. As those shorts are many and all were good, it was hard to make a selection of some of them. Here are mini-reviews for a selection of those shorts from day 1, Friday.

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Ranking the “Modern Family” Halloween Episodes from Worst to Best

“Modern Family” is one of my favorite sitcoms on television, it’s a hilarious, often heart felt look at the idea of modern families that break the conventional mold of the nuclear family. The cast is brilliant, the writing is great, and you can’t help but engage yourself in their mishaps and activities. While “Modern Family” doesn’t celebrate Halloween every year, every time it’s delivered a Halloween episode, it’s a cause for celebration, because they’re very good about paying tribute to the holiday while also making us laugh. These are the Halloween specials so far from Worst to Absolute Best.

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5 Ways “Fear the Walking Dead” Redeemed Itself in Season Four

“Fear The Walking Dead” is to “The Walking Dead” what “Law & Order: SVU” is to “Law & Order.” It’s another series in the same universe but with its own scenarios and characters. It’s unfortunately taken three years to find its footing, despite its very good ratings. It packed with it a great cast of Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Ruben Blades, as well as a ton of diverse side characters, but still never quite took off as a strong tale about the apocalypse. Now with its soft reboot and a new cast the series is better than ever, in spite of the audience kind of dropping it by the wayside. Regardless, season four was a huge step up for “Fear the Walking Dead” and I hope season five continues down this path with an even better, stronger villain.

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Cinema Crazed’s 2018 Halloween Horror Month Has Begun!

Once upon a time, “Halloween Horror Month” was an idea. An idea bred from a goal to look for an excuse celebrate our love for horror for a whole month. In the past we’d post a glut of horror reviews for Halloween and only Halloween, but that didn’t quite feed our appetite. Now we aspire to celebrate not just Halloween, but October, and the horror genre as a whole. For “Halloween Horror Month” we celebrate thirty two days of horror, the occult, and the paranormal. Yes, we count Dio De Los Muertos. For thirty two days we’ll bring you reviews, articles, lists, and a lot more good stuff for what promises to be a very entertaining Halloween season.

We hope you join us for all of October, and to get in the mood, feel free to view some choice Halloween/Horror themed videos below!

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Five Funniest Moments in the Friday the 13th Movie Series

I should point out that I’m a big “Friday the 13th” fan. I’ve seen every movie in the series a thousand times and used to rewatch my “Jason Lives” VHS so much it eventually broke. One of the finer points of the movie series is that it’s filled with plot holes and inconsistencies that add to the charm rather than detract from it. The premise for the series always amounts to a lot of fun and some laugh out loud, or awkward moments. Here are but a few.

What are some of your favorite “Friday the 13th” moments? Let us know in the comments!

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Most Wanted at Fantasia International Film Festival 2018 [Fantasia 2018]

Fantasia 2018 starts this week! This week!

Kermit arm flailing time, it’s time to get excited and get deciding on what to see. OMG So. Many. Movies. I mean I want to see it all! But this year I cannot go for all the fest, but only a few days, so I will have to make choices, but not just yet, as right now is time to dream. Dream of what I want to see, not just what I can see. Here is, in a totally not scientific way, but a nerdtastic way, the films that have me muppeting all over the place.

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Five Fun Ways to Prepare for “The Last Drive In” with Joe Bob Briggs

Friday the 13th, the Shudder streaming service is hosting a twenty four hour horror movie marathon with the one and only Joe Bob Briggs. Explained as his alleged last marathon and time on television, Joe Bob will take us through his classic format of unfiltered opinions, jokes, one-liners, and Drive-In Totals. But this time we’ll be submitted to some great horror films unedited, uncut, and in all of their glory. I for one intend to get in as many movies as possible (I can’t stay up 24 hours anymore), and I hope you’ll join Joe Bob and his legion of mutants to ring in possibly the last marathon the main man will ever host.

Here are five fun ways you can prepare for “The Last Drive In.”

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