Five Feetastic Moments in Tarantino Cinema

By now it’s become common knowledge by all forms of movie buffs that Quentin Tarantino has a big fetish for feet. The man loves feet, especially women’s feet. Not only does he seem apparently aroused by them, but he also seems to use the feet as a means of conveying emotion and some kind of free style toward the audience. In a way we do learn a lot about his characters through the feet, and he’s not shy about putting them front and center.

In honor of the upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” these are five Feetastic Moments in Tarantino Cinema. What are your personal favorites?

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Five Most Anticipated Films of Fantasia Film Festival 2019 [Fantasia Fest 2019]

For yet another year, Cinema Crazed will be covering the Fantasia International Film Festival, the 23rd edition running from July 11th to August 1st. The festival is famous for featuring some of the most acclaimed and highly anticipated genre films from around the world, and this year is featuring 130 films in its slate. Among them there will be the world premieres of MYSTERY OF THE NIGHT, BLOOD ON HER NAME, STARE, 1BR, THE DEEPER YOU DIG, and HOMEWRECKER; as well there will be events like screenings of classic horror like “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue” and the rare TV movie “What Ever Happened to Rosemary’s Baby?”

With the site covering Fantasia again, these are five film premiering that we can’t wait to check out.

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Cinepocalypse 2019 Shorts Block 2: Sex, Blood, and Heavy Metal [Cinepocalypse 2019]

This year I covered Cinepocalypse’s second shorts block, and for this round the topics included Sex, Blood, and Heavy Metal. Not all of the movies are horror here, nor are they particularly scary, but they’re an interesting variety for the festival.

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Five Reasons to be Excited about 2019’s Cinepocalypse [Cinepocalypse 2019]

For another year, Cinema Crazed is covering the Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival. 2019 promises to be a fun year for the festival as programmers promise to screen some classic genre entries, as well as screening some of the most unique and original horror films from around the world. Presiding over the jury this year is Joel Schumacher; here are five reasons to be excited for this year’s festival.

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Shorts Round Up of the Week – Cannes Contenders

This week we have seven stellar short films from around the world including Asia, Hungary, and The Ukraine, as well as one from prolific indie filmmaker Patricia Chica. Some of the shorts featured have competed in Cannes this year, and all deal with some kind of interesting and very widely discussed social theme including LGBTQ Pride Month. Look for these excellent films when you can. If you’d like to submit your short film for review consideration, submissions are always opened to filmmakers and producers

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Five Things Fox’s “X-Men” Series Did Well, and Five Things It Destroyed

The FOX “X-Men” movie era is officially over marked as the end with “The Dark Phoenix.” Now that Disney has absorbed FOX’s properties, there’s a strong chance we will be seeing the “X-Men” again on film and or television very soon, just not in the way FOX Studios imagined it in 2000. As an “X-Men” fanatic, I can’t say that the series delivered very much but it did offer some small nuggets that are worth appreciating. What did you think of FOX’s “X-Men” series overall?

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Five Great LGBTQ Films

We’re in the thick of pride month (Go see “Booksmart”!) and as many online entities and blogs celebrate the month, we’re naming five of our personal favorite LGBTQ films of all time. They’re ordered by year, as I have a hard time naming my favorite of the sub-genre. These are only some of the many excellent titles, of course, as there are some banner films like “Brokeback Mountain,” “Jeffrey,” “The Bird Cage,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and so much more.

Feel free to let us know what some of your favorite LGBTQ films of all time are, and celebrate with us. Happy Pride Month.

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Shorts Round Up of the Week – 5/2/2019

For this week’s Shorts Round Up, we check out some great shorts including two animated experimental films one of which by film students, a thought provoking science fiction drama, and a riveting human drama.

If you’d like to submit your short film for review consideration, submissions are always opened to filmmakers and producers. 

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