Interview with Tommy Bertelsen, Director of Welcome to Mercy

Welcome to Mercy is your second feature as a director, what attracted you to it?
I’m still figuring out what sort of filmmaker I am. Telling stories for a living is such a broad and nebulous job — Your work is this delicate combination of deeply personal ideas, natural instincts, collaborative partnerships, and practical opportunities. How you balance and navigate those ends up defining what you put out in the world… and I think in a very real way it also ends up defining who you are.

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An Interview with Joe Bob Briggs: Indie Film, Horror, and “The Last Drive In”

Art by Justin Osbourn.

If you grew up in the nineties and had cable television, the odds are you were at one time introduced to Joe Bob Briggs and TNT’s Monstervision. With his assortment of movie trivia, gift of gab, and great jokes, “Monstervision” was a weekend treat that fans savored until its unceremonious end in 2000. Though Joe Bob has been a welcome presence in the horror and film world since then, fans have often clamored for his return to television. Wait no more. This Friday the 13th at 9pm ET, Joe Bob Briggs returns for one last hurrah, to bring his legions of fans a marathon of horror movies, exclusively to Shudder TV.

It’s twenty four hours, thirteen uncut horror movies, Joe Bob’s Drive-In Totals, and a brand new mail girl to boot. Joe Bob took time out of his hectic press storm to answer some our questions and suffice to say it was a thrill.

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Interview with “The Misandrists” Director Bruce La Bruce

Bruce La Bruce, director of The Misandrists, has always had a touch (or more) of the offensive in his films, at least to general audiences, to bring up thinking points and discussions. His most recent release touches upon the patriarchy, women’s rights and power, the use of sexuality (and porn) as a tool of communication and a weapon.

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An Interview with Gigi Saul Guerrero

Gigi, Co-Founder of Luchagore Productions, is a Mexican-Canadian dynamo-genius-horror maven with a bunch of shorts, feature anthology, and her most anticipated show “La Quinceañera” a Warner Brothers/Stage 13 mini-series under her belt as a director. She is also an actress, writer, editor, etc.  Recently has also worked in the video gaming industry and currently teaches film directing at VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL in British Columbia, Canada.

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An Interview with Kaila Hier [Women in Horror Month 2018]

 Kaila Hier works mostly behind the scenes once the films are ready to be seen.  She is a PR queen who mostly works with genre festivals such as Final Girls Berlin Film Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival.  She also works representing independent films, books, etc.  The woman knows her stuff and the industry inside and out.

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