What Happened in Vegas (2017) [Cinequest 2017]

Las Vegas has long been a city of many mysteries, of gambling, sins, even murder.  Throughout seasons upon seasons of television shows set in the city have shown police brutality and corruption, this film shows that it may very well be closer to the truth than fiction.  What Happened in Vegas explores cases where all signs point to police execution or over reach of power that lead to deaths and subsequent framing of the victim as bad, evil people.

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An Interview with Heather Buckley [WiHM 2017]

Heather Buckley is a behind-the-scenes lady and a writer for multiple publications and websites.  She has supervised effects on films such as We Are Still Here, played a monstrous mother in the SyFy original movie Dead Still, produced special features for discs such as the newest releases of The Thing, Exorcist III, Return of the Living Dead, and many more.  She has written for Fangoria, Dread Central, Scream magazine, Diabolique, Vulture, and a slew of others.

You can hear her on podcasts such as The Bonus Material Podcast and the Mass Hypnosis Podcast.  She’s basically a horror super woman and a total badass.

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Don’t Kill It (2016)

A demon has taken over the town of Chickory Creek, Mississippi.  As things escalate quickly an FBI agent and a demon hunter arrive in town and are forced to cooperate to save the locals.  As the demon jumps from body to body, they must find a way to stop this demon and not become one with it at the same time.

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Detour (2016) [FrightFest Glasgow 2017]

As his mother lays in a coma, possibly brain dead following a car accident for which he holds his stepfather responsible, Harper drunkenly meets and subsequently hires a shady man to take care of things and avenge his mother.  As he questions his decision the film goes into two paths at once, creating a layered story that must be followed until the end to be fully understood.

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Getting Schooled (2017)

In 1983, a group of stereotypical teens are in detention on the weekend with a wheelchair-bound teacher.  Soon, they start getting picked-off one by one in varying levels of violence and blood.

The writing team of Chuck Norfolk, Steven Scott Norfolk, and Tim Norfolk have written a film that wants to be an 80s movie and gets some of the true 80s feelings and vibes, but they also use a lot of more current way for characters to act.  Directed by Chuck Norfolk, the film feels like what a full-grown filmmaker thinks the general public wants to see about the 80s.  It’s less John Hughes homage and more caricature of the 80s through a 2010s teen’s eyes.  The film has some things that work, but the attempt at rendering the 80s feels force and like something without much thought put into it.  The film uses a lot of clichés from other films without thinking if they fit in here, thinking if it looks like what we think the 80s were like, it will work.  However, the 80s represented here do not feel right; they don’t feel like the 80s of many other films, or even the 80s this reviewer remembers.  The characters in this setting feel mostly like caricatures with one feeling a bit less like so, but looking more like she would belong in this decade or the 2000s.

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