Talking with Horror Author Angie Martin [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Angie Martin is a horror obsessed author who is currently working on a slew of literary horror projects. I talk with her about her unquenchable love of horror, how Willy Wonka introduced her to the horror genre, and the pitfalls of being pigeonholed in certain horror sub-genres.

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Interview with Horror Author, and Filmmaker Jamie Farthing [Women in Horror Month 2021]

photo credit: Emilie Black @emybphoto

Jamie Farthing is a horror fanatic, horror author, model, and filmmaker currently undertaking a slew of horror based film projects. Running SavageZack Productions, she’s currently developing a film for the late Tomas Navarro and much more.

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Celebrating Women in Horror Month 12!

Women in Horror Month 2021 is upon us! This means that, as opposed to last year (due to momentary insanity of the schedule pre-nothing-to-do-life), this year, I want to celebrate, I want to take the time I did not have last year to really put forth the ladies of horror. I want to cover as many as I can in as many horror discipline as I can. This means that you can expect interviews from all kinds of awesome creative ladies who love to work with fear and/or blood. You’ll also get some articles about films from women in the genre and other fun stuff. I am hoping to get so much in front of your eyeballs that you will be a total fan being of Women in Horror in general.

So to start, let’s go with a bit of an overview of past articles to wet you palate for what’s to come.

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