TV On DVD: Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season [Blu-Ray/Digital]

After suffering a major identity crisis for the last three seasons, “Fear the Walking Dead” finally finds it footing. By throwing everything it’s established out and keeping only a few main characters here and there. What began as an urban retelling of the zombie apocalypse involving two families, the Manawas and the Clarks, is now really nothing more an immigration allegory with characters basically bumping back and forth. “Fear the Walking Dead” managed to have the opportunity to really unfold an epic tale of a mixed race family, and how they learned to get along with get to know each other. Their mixed and uneasy union would have to be tested. Except, all we get is a lot of goofy switches of the premise, and wastes of some good characters.

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Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998) [Blu-Ray]

Boyd Kirkland’s “SubZero” stands as not only one of the best animated Batman films of all time, but one of the best Batman films, period. In a time where Warner were handing us goofy films like “Batman Forever,” behind the scenes, Bruce Timm took the material seriously, delivering entertaining mature fare like “SubZero.” Something of a sequel to “Deep Freeze,” Kirkland’s film is also a stark contrast to last year’s “Batman and Harley Quinn,” choosing to expand on the hit episode, rather than repeat the same beats ad nauseum like the latter chose to.

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Justice League (2017) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]

At the end of the day I think “Justice League” is a very—okay movie, with glimmers of greatness. But that’s the problem, sadly. Fans waited and waited, and didn’t want an okay movie. We fans wanted a great movie, and despite bringing in Joss Whedon in the final hour, “Justice League” feels less like the beginning of an epic saga of superheroes, and more like a throwaway episode of a mediocre superhero series. And what with “mustache gate” and the continued controversy over the original cut of the film, “Justice League” will carry a lot of baggage with it forever. Which is sad, because I still didn’t hate it as much as I did “Batman v Superman.”

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Hammer Films Double Features: Maniac/Die! Die! My Darling! [Blu-Ray]; Never Take Candy from Strangers, Scream of Fear! [Blu-Ray]

As with all Mill Creek releases, they’re prone to bringing fans and collectors whole box sets of films, and then to re-release the sets in various volumes here and there. For fans that can’t spring for the big box set, there are two releases from Mill Creek Entertainment that got the Blu-Ray treatment. These are fine releases if you want the movies or nothing else. If you want the bells and whistles, you’ll just have to wait longer.

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Dear Readers: Play Nice, or You Can’t Play At All


Dear Readers,

I can not believe I have to issue one of these warnings, but I guess that’s what happens when your site grows. You have to eventually either cut the strings or issue a warning. I love comments. I love debates. I love comments on our reviews. I love debating with users about our articles, and going back and forth, trading barbs, and ideas. I get a thrill from trading ideas and thoughts with other intelligent like minded people. But I also have my limits, too.

We’re not the AV Club, we’re not Birth. Movies. Death., we’re not The Dissolve. We’d love to be though. And what do I mean by that? Meaning we’d love to have a comments board where people discuss the reviews, and articles, debate with one another, and even have fun. The comments boards on the aforementioned websites were and are fun, funny, and often times very insightful to read through. I visit the former two quite often and get a joy out of sharing thoughts with others.

But just because we’re not those sites, it doesn’t mean we’re going to sit here and allow people to come on our boards and name call, and bash us, and ridicule us. We’re not bringing in five million hits a day, but we’re doing well here, and we’re not so desperate for feedback that we’ll accept any comment, right down to trolling just to brag about having comments on our reviews. We’d rather have nothing at all than to be bashed and called “morons,” and be told that the articles suck.

What, you think our articles suck? That’s, like, your opinion, man. Go somewhere else. There are at least five hundred movie websites and blogs on the internet at your disposal. Don’t come here trying to shit on us. Your comments will be banned, you will be banned, and we’re going to move on with our lives. We’re not going to lose sleep over someone we don’t know saying we’re not qualified to review movies or share opinions. I never took that crap working on other sites, I’m not taking it on my spot on the web, and I’m not going to take that crap anymore. And spare me your freedom of speech malarkey. This is a privately owned website, I pay for it out of my own pocket, and I can do what I damn well please here. If I want to ban people, I’ll ban people. If I want to talk about pudding all day long, I’ll do that. Deal with it.

So I ask you, fair reader: If you want to share your opinion on our reviews, if you want to engage in a lively debate, if you want to question our taste in movies, and pop culture, HELL, if you want to correct us on an error we made in a review or article, go right ahead! I welcome comments that challenge our reviews. I welcome wonderful debates, I welcome like minded individuals coming on to say they either agree or disagree with us.

But the moment you start name calling, the moment you start mocking us, telling us to shut up, ordering us to stop writing just because we don’t share an opinion that you do, then you’re not allowed on the site anymore. We’re not putting up with it, and the more we grow, the more we will enforce banning trolls, and troll like individuals.

So please, play nice, or move the fuck on to another website, entirely.

Thanks for reading Cinema Crazed!

Felix Vasquez Jr.

Five Movies to Watch After Marvel’s “Black Panther”

With Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” storming the box office, I implore you to check out these five movies, all of which carry the same themes and ideas from the film. Marvel’s African American superhero is finally getting the love and adoration he deserves, the added icing on the cake is the wonderful film that brings him in to his own unique and fun action movie with Black Panther in his world.Without further ado, here are five great movies we suggest after “Black Panther.”

Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments!

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Night of the Living Dead (1968) [Criterion Collection] [Blu-Ray]

Although George Romero wasn’t as particular or gung ho with his filmmaking as Stanley Kubrick was, you can’t really sit through “Night of the Living Dead” without feeling like everything is so deliberate. Like what is the significance of Barbara looking through the music box? Why did Johnny approach Barbara with his gloves on? And why did Romero blatantly film one of the dead with its eyes moving? Was it was considerably faint attempt to humanize the monsters that we’d see be hit with fire and shot to death throughout the film? Or was it his reminder that through and through these were once people with human impulses and their urges for human flesh are still a part of some human impulse? “Night of the Living Dead” is so nightmarish and intricate that I love picking it apart every single time I’ve seen it and it leaves me stunned every single time.

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Black Panther (2018)

The long overdue cinematic debut of Black Panther is a bold and unique new turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a perfectly cast Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa. “Black Panther” not only focuses on mostly African cast of characters, but also doesn’t lean too heavily on the Marvel universe to register with audiences. Director Ryan Coogler and Marvel have enough confidence in the clout of Black Panther to allow the film to be its own entity. There are passing references to “Civil War,” and a big supporting role from Agent Ross (a returning Martin Freeman), but this is strictly the movie Black Panther should have had ten years ago.

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