Talking with Horror Author Angie Martin [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Angie Martin is a horror obsessed author who is currently working on a slew of literary horror projects. I talk with her about her unquenchable love of horror, how Willy Wonka introduced her to the horror genre, and the pitfalls of being pigeonholed in certain horror sub-genres.

Care to introduce yourself for the readers?
I’m Angie, author of horror, thriller, some with supernatural or paranormal included. I am a massive geek, and love all things horror, whether it’s movies, video games, comic books, etc.

What is it that attracts you the horror genre for your chosen field of creative work?
I’ve always been attracted to the horror genre since I was a child. It was that one scene in the original Willy Wonka, the boat scene – that’s what got me into it. I found from a very early age I really enjoyed being scared. And then my aunt gave me a copy of Christine by Stephen King as a Christmas gift in 8th grade. My life has never been the same.

Who inspires you in your work and in life?
I’m inspired by so much around me. I try to take in what others have to offer and then pay it forward. I’ve learned so much from various authors in different genres. And I think that’s the biggest thing that I have found, is not to limit myself to just the horror genre, but to embrace all genres and learn from all of them.

Women in horror have made great strides, but it’s clear that a lot of work is still needed to make it a most inclusive genre. To you, what is the importance of a movement like Women in Horror Month?
I think Women in Horror Month is something that we need; not just in the horror genre but in books in general. I’ve often found that when someone finds out I’m a writer, the first thing they ask is if I write erotica romance. Now there’s nothing against that, I have many friends that write in those genres, but I would love to get to a place where others don’t assume that I automatically write erotica or romance. I think women have so much to offer the horror world and I think we’re just tapping into only a little of that.

What would you tell an up-and-coming creative in the world of horror who sees that being a woman/identifying as a women as something that makes it so much more difficult at times?
Don’t let being a woman in a male-dominated genre throw you off. Yes, we do have to work harder to make ourselves known, but don’t ever let that be your excuse. Let that be your fuel for your fire to get to where you want to be in the genre.

What are your favorite bits of helpful advice that you have received about your work or your field?
One piece of advice that I received early on, and one that I passed on to other authors all the time, is to be different. There’s that saying “there is nothing new under the sun.” But that’s not necessarily true. Especially in horror. There are always ways to write differently, to create a new monster, to add something new to old lore. I always change up the lore so that when a reader reads my books, it’s going to be something that they have never read before. It’s something that I strive for in every single book that I write: originality.

In honor of celebrating Women in Horror Month, who do you believe viewers should keep an eye on in terms of the creative ladies in horror?
It’s easy to say go after the mainstream authors and keep an eye on them. But I think it’s better for them to pay attention to the up and comers. The ones who are in the indie industry, and maybe they are not as well known. Those are the ones that are working hard every day to try to be seen, and it often reflects in their quality of work. One of my favorite indie author horror books is called “Hikers” by Lauren Algeo. She released it a number of years ago, but to this day, it’s still one of my favorites.

What do you have coming soon that you can talk to us about?
Currently I have an anthology that I wrote a story for; it is erotic horror (yes, after I just talked about not wanting to be assumed I only write erotica). It’s my first story in that genre, and it’s based on the Grimm brothers’ tale “The Juniper Tree.” The book is called “Erotic Fairytales From The Brothers Grimm.”

I am involved in quite a few more anthologies this year and aim to release three books this year: a horror collection of short stories, the follow up to my most popular book “Conduit” called “The Darkness,” and the follow up to my most recent book “The Chronicler and Mr. Smith” called “The Chronicler and the Blood Curse.”

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