Celebrating Women in Horror Month 12!

Women in Horror Month 2021 is upon us! This means that, as opposed to last year (due to momentary insanity of the schedule pre-nothing-to-do-life), this year, I want to celebrate, I want to take the time I did not have last year to really put forth the ladies of horror. I want to cover as many as I can in as many horror discipline as I can. This means that you can expect interviews from all kinds of awesome creative ladies who love to work with fear and/or blood. You’ll also get some articles about films from women in the genre and other fun stuff. I am hoping to get so much in front of your eyeballs that you will be a total fan being of Women in Horror in general.

So to start, let’s go with a bit of an overview of past articles to wet you palate for what’s to come.

PR Maven Kaila Hier
Filmmaker Kim Garland
Spookiest Lady Eileen Dietz
San Diego-based Christine Gatlin
Author Jennifer Place
The Incredible Gigi Saul Guerrero
Unstoppable Heather Buckley
Japan-Based Pablo Absento
Quebec Blood Queen Maude Michaud
Multitasking Queen Staci Layne Wilson
Always Fun Horror Director Tara Price
KCMO Lady of Horror Jill Gevargizian
Comedy Horror Director Pia Thrasher
Nihilistic Film Royalty Izzy Lee
Cult Lady Honey Lauren
Australian Emotional Horror Premiere Lady Natalie Erika James
A New Talent to Watch Nicole Groton

Women in Horror Shorts
Lunch Ladies
The Short Films of Maude Michaud
Shorts From Brooklyn Horror Film Fest
More Shorts From Brooklyn Horror Film Fest
Sea Fever
Shall We Play
Bleed With Me
12 Hour Shift
The Lightest Darkness
Darkness in Tenement 45
More Shorts
We Love Shorts
She Never Dies
Shorts Shorts Shorts
Knives and Skins
Culture Shock
La Quinceañera
The Ranger
Jax in Love
My Monster
At The Door
Body Image
The Book of Birdie
Blood Child
Tigers Are Not Afraid
Imitation Girl
And so many more!

Felix’s Fav Horror Actresses Part One
Felix’s Fav Horror Actresses Part Two

So hold on to your hats, this is just getting started! Let’s talk to some horror ladies and enjoy their work this month and the rest of the year!